The time has come…

Hey guys!!! Well, the time for the last email from Elder Tenney has come….. i never thought that this moment would come, but it has. I must say that i am super excited to see you guys, and i am a little nervous about the change, but thats okay!!!
Well, there were two baptisms in the branch last weekend!!! This family that we had been working with finally got baptized!!! It was such an awesome expirience and the branch did an incredible job organizing everything!!! Ill attach some pictures!!
Well, one other huge miracle from this week: Before i got to the sector, my comp got information about a recent convert (a haitian) that moved to a super remote part of the sector. Well, i found out about his about 2 weeks ago. This convert is only home on sundays, and we hadnt been able to go until this past sunday. Another thing is that i knew this convert from a sector i had in Santiago, he lived in the ward, so i felt that we needed to find him. Anyways, we knelt down in prayer asking God to help us find him without problem. After a while, we got a Taxi to take us out there (it was about a 30 minute drive) and he also took a detour to drop another passenger off at his house (he lived in a massive street in the middle of the farmland). So we finally get to this little village where the convert lives and i got out of the taxi and the convert was walking right in front of me. So he recognized me and we talked to him a little to find out his schedule. Turns out he has been traveling to Santiago every sunday to go to that ward, and now we will help him come here. His help would be incredibel becuase he speaks really good spanish and could help us eith the other haitianos. Anyways, it was an incredible miracle that all the timing worked out perfectly for us to get out of the taxi and find him walking in the street.I know that we were blessed by the Lord in order to find him so miracously.
Sè que Dios conoce a todos Sus hijos. Sè que Èl trabaja a travès de nosotros para lograr sus Santos propòsitos. Sè que fuimos guiados por el Espìritu para estar en el lugar perfect en el momento perfecto para encontrar a este miembro. Agradezco los muchos milagros que he visto los ùltimos dos años aquì en Chile. Ni puedo describir lo que siento por esta experiencia con palabras, y tampoco lo intentarè. Esta misiòn siempre estarà cerca de mi corozòn. Sè que Cristo vive, que Èl ha sufrido por nuestros pecados, y que podemos arrepentirnos y llegar a ser puros tal como Èl es puro. Esto dejo en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!
los quiero, SEE YOU GUYS NEXT WEEK!!!!!

Élder Tenney


T Minus 2 Weeks

Hey guys!!!!!! How is it all going? it sounds like everyone is preparing for an awesome summer!! I must say that i was super excited to hear that the boat was out and working, i am soooo excited to use the boat, jajaja.
Well, this week was pretty typical. Just to give you guys an idea of bollenar, we spent the whole week on foot, jajaja appointments are constantly falling here, but we couldnt be happier. Lots of the time we think that the circumstances influence our emotions, but our thought control our emotions, (Proverbs 23:7) and i have definetly seen how that is a true concept here in Bollenar. It has been a great learning opportunity!!! i couldnt be happier to be here!!!
Well, knowing that there is a lot of oposition here in Bollear, there are TONS of miracles, so i am very grateful for that!!! We have this one investigadora that we found 2 and a half weeks ago. Every single appointment has fallen through with her, but she is flat out INCREDIBLE!!! We always run into her in the streey and she has laready read almost all of 1 nefi, and has been praying every night. She knows that Joseph Smith was a profet, and that the Chruch is true!! She is still working on her testimony of the Book of Mormon, and she hasnt been able to make it to church yet, but i am just so grateful for the miracles that God is giving us to help her progress. Even if i am not here to see her make convenants (and i most likely wont) i am super grateful for the oportunity that we have had to be instruments in God`s hands to help her!!
And another miracle is that 2 people are getting baptized this week!!! So, there was a less active that missionaries found about a year ago and have been working with. Well, he finished all of his goals and got his priesthood and will now be baptizing his wife and step daughter this weekend!! We are soo excited for them. They are this awesome, cute little family!! And this past sunday he (the husband) got called as our mission leader and we are SUPER excited to work with him!!! It is going to be soo awesome!! So even though there is lots of oposition, like somebody once said “trouble has no connection with dissapointment” (something like that). 
Sè que en esta vida, vamos a pasar muchas cosas muy frustrantes. Asì es la vida. Sè que con el conocimiento que tenemos del Evangelio, sabemos que si somos fieles, podemos regresar y vivir con Dios, Jesucristo, y nuestras familias eternamente, asì que no tenemos por què estar tristes. Tambièn me encanta la escritura en Eclesiastès 12:13 que dice     
  “El fin de todo este asunto que has oído es este: Teme a Dios y guarda sus mandamientos, porque esto es el todo del hombre.”
asì que solo tenemos que guardar los mandamientos y ser fieles para ser felices y tener paz. Testifico de que la expiaciòn de Jesucristo es lo que permite que podamos ser felices siempre. Testifico de que Èl vive y que nos ama y que camina con nosotros. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!!
los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney

El fin se acerca…

Sorry for the title, the song is stuck in my head, nah, just kidding, my comp sings it to me all the time……
just kidding again, but he is a funny dude and will probably do that my whole last week, jajaja
Well, it sounds like you guys are about to have a few crazy weeks! I heard that there are meeting for dad, graduation and grad night for mark, stephen is a nurse, and jared està sacando la mugre en general!!! Sounds awesome!!!
Soooooo, some exciting news: This family we have been working with to help reactivate the Dad that was less active got reactivated!!! And now he will be baptizing is wife and daughter next weekend!!! They are just the cutest little family and are sooo excited!!! They came to church sunday and the wife learned so much. They also have this 3 yeard old boy that is CRAZY FUN!!! Whenever we are at their house he will chase us and we run away from him and it is sooo much fun!!!!
Well, this week we had tons of fun in the lunches: we cooked for 2 members!!! On tuesday we went to this blind members house and made him cheeseburgers!!! It was a ton of fun, and they were SOOO DELICIOUS!!! and then on wednesday we made lemos chicken with lemon mashed potatos!!! It was soo much fun!!!
anyways, thats about it for this week!!! Hoy quisiera hablar del Espìritu Santo. Èl tiene muchos papeles en nuestras vidas, pero quiero hablar acerca de la importancia de escuchar los susurros del Espìritu. Es muy importante que escuchemos al Espìritu siempre, y que seamos dignos se tenerlo como nuestro compañero constante. Si lo hacemos y estamos escuchando, Èl nos susurrarà y podremos mejorar y ser instrumentos màs eficaces en las manos de Dios, y a medida que esuchemos y actùemos, nuestra habilidad de reconocer los susurros mejorarà. Que podamos siempre esforzarnos por ser dignos del Espìritu. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!
los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney

Well it rained and we got wet!

Hey guys!!!
Well, it was great talking to you last night!!!! It sounds like we will have a great summer!!!1
Well, as one of the pictures looks like, it rained!!! We stayed in Melipilla that day and it was fun!!! We just went wading through all of these massive puddles (some were knee deep) and helped a lot of people cross, which was fun!!!!
Well, i saw Elder Izu again!!!! He is doing great. He is in the coast now and with a very awesome companion that was there when i was in the coast. So it was awesome to see him!!! I should see him next week when we have a meeting with a 70!!!! I am sooo excited to go there!!!!
Well, here is an awesome miracle. My comp and i had the option of going to an Open House to help there, but we felt that we needed to go to the sector. So we went and were walking to an appointment we had set up and while walking, we felt prompted to talk to this lady and her 2 little kids. So we start talking about her kids (every mom loves talking about their kids, its a great conversation starter!!!) and she told us that she knew the Church. So we said we were going to visit someone and thet we would go by her house afterwards. So the appointment we had scheduled fell through and we went to her house. Well, she was awesome!!! HAs tons of faith, and is in a perfect situation to accept the Gospel, so we are going by this night to teach the restoration!!! It was awesome to find her!!!!
Testifico de la importancia del Espìritu en nuestras vidas. Èl puede susurrarnos que es lo que debemos hacer para poder ayudar a los hijos de nuestro Padre Celestial a fin de que puedan recibir este Evangelio. No solamente nos ayuda en la obra misional, pero nos ayuda dìa tras dìa para poder vivir el Evangelio mejor y regresar a casa. Testifico de que Cristo vive y que Èl es nuestro Salvador. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!
los quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney

The Rain Came

Hey guys!!!! 
Well, im going to be honest….. i have ran out of stuff to write in my letters…… everyday is very smilar, jaja so there isnt TONS of new stuff to write, but each week there are usually 1 or 2 new cool/funny things. Sooooo if these last emails get a little lame, sorry!!!
Well, this week we finally found this one person that the other missionaries told us that we should visit!!! We tried a bunch of times last change and never found her, but we were blessed and found her this week!!! So basically the majority of her family are members of the church, and she is a super good investigadora. She got sick this past weekend and wasnt able to come to church, but we are going to pass by her house tomorrow!!
We also had a sweet stake activity yesterday. About 50 people came and we all ran around to visit a bunch of less actives. A lot of missionaries also came and we had a great time!! We recieved a few references from some of the groups and we were able to help people feels Christs love. We invited them to an activity that we planned this friday, so we hope that there will be an awesome turnout!
Bueno, no hay mucho que decir, lo siento, pero una cosa que he visto ùltimamente es el privilegio que es tener el Libro de Mormon. Al estudiar màs al fondo el Pland de Salvaciòn, he visto que en la Biblia, se encuentran muchas partes de este plan, pero muchas veces no son tan claras. Sin embargo, en el Libro de Mormon, vemos que el Plan se describe claramente varias veces. Estoy muy agradecido por el Libro de Mormon porque me ha ayudado a conocer màs a mi Dios, Su amor por mì, y como puedo ser feliz. Testifico de que el Libro de Mormon es verdadero y que todos los que lo lean y oren al respecto tambièn sabràn de su veracidad. Esto dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amèn!!!
los quiero

Élder Tenney
ps. didnt take fotos, sorry, ill take more this week!

The Last Change…

Wow, sounds like you guys had a cool week!!! Sounds like mark took out the trash on the piano at air guitar. What a stud!!! Stephen also pulled in a solid semester, congrats on that!!
Well, like the title says, yesterday was the start of my last change in the mission. It does bring tears to my eyes as i realize that the best 2 years are almost over. But it does bring tears knowing that after 3 years, the family will be back together. So i am very excited for that!!!
Well, last week wasnt anything too special. The 2 investigadres that we have had afternoon/night shift so we couldnt go by. We spent a lot of time contacting and we did see one huge miracle from the Lord.
Just on a especially difficult day we were went to our retencions house and the appointment fell through… and the appointments had fallen through a lot the past days before that. Anyways, in my head i started to pray telling Heavenly Father that we were honestly trying to work hard and help His children but that it had been a tough day. I asked that He could help us find somebody that was ready. Then my comp said “hey, there is a house around the corner with a fun dog. The owner has never opened their door, but lets go by” So we went by and the owner came out. She told us that she was Evangelic, but that she had prayed right as we yelled outisde that if it was God calling, she would answer. Well, it was God calling. She came out and told us that a few years ago she had recieved the missionaries and that she didnt get baptized. She then said that she would pray to see if God wanted her to change religions. We werent able to go into her house to share more, but we did leave her a folleto. My comp and i were humbled and blown away. She was just so willy to do God´s will and i was happy that God had answered our prayer so soon. After that contact, my comp had said that he too was praying for God´s help. So, we havent been able to go by to teach her, we have been calling her and she says she hasnt had an answer yet, so we will continue to work with her this week and help her get that answer. 
En fin, sè que Dios nos conoce y que nos ama. Sè que esta es su obra, que Èl tiene un plan para cada uno de nosotros y que somos sus manos en esta tierra. Sè que si tenemos motivos puros y nos esforzamos por ser humildes y rectos, podremos ser los instrumentos que Èl necesita para ayudar a Sus hijos. Agradezco la bondad de Dios y las oportunidades que Èl me ha dado acà en la misiòn. Testifico de que Èl vive y que nos ama. En el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney

Lots of things happened…

Hey guys!!!! Well, it sounds like all is well!! 
Well, this week was very interesting, jaja. We had a lot less time in the sector this week due to meetings and another thing that i will talk about later, but we were very blessed and our two investigadores are progressing very well! We are doing this reverse teaching method where they have to teach each other instead of us teaching them. It works very well!!! jaja
well, here is the super cool story. We got a call from the Zone LEaders this week asking if a certain city was in our sector and they said yes. Then they told us that they needed us to take them out there in the morning. So we went out with one of them, and the other went with 2 other missionaries to another little city. They told us that we needed to go and get a wedding date for this couple as soon as we could. Well, we got out to the city and went to the City center. We talked to the people and we got an hour for the NEXT DAY at 7 in the afternoon. Well, we ran around, got the paper work ready and she told us that we had to be there at 10 the next day with the papers and an address in order to preform th ceremony. Well, we had everything but an address…… so we finished what we could and told her that we would be there at 10 the next morning. (we only worked like 2 hours in our sector that day) anyways, 10 oclock came around and we still didnt have an address…. and we had one more hour to find one. Well, i remembered that we once met this old less active couple in a taxi that lived in another city, so we grabbed a taxi and went to ther house to try and talk to them. well, they werent home…… so after a pray, we felt that we should just use their direction and go by later to see if they were home. So we went back to the city center, got everything taken care of and listo. Well, everybody left and my comp and i then walked and hour and a half back to this couples house (we walked because we used all the money we brought with us) anyways, we get there and the husband is ABOUT TO LEAVE. 2 minutes later and we missed him…. SUCH A MIRACLE. So we talked to him, set it all up, 7 oclock came around, the couple got married and now all is well.
Testifico de que al ser obedientes, al ejercer la fe, y al procurar inspiraciòn, nuestro Padre Celestial nos guiarà y nos darà las bendiciones que necesitamos para ayudar a Sus hijos a recibir su salvaciòn. Estoy agradecido por esta experiencia, y aumentò me fe bastante al ve la mano de Dios ayudàndonos. Sè que Èl vive y que nos ama y nos bendice, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney