bueno, here is what is on the docket today in the email – 1) struggles of adjusting to the mission life 2) how much the missino rules 3) my companion and district 4) the future plans for the mission
1) holy cow!!!!!!! i got soooooo home sick this past sunday….. its been so hard. i am so up and down in the mtc. especially when the moments are slow and i a m tired i just start thinking about you guys and it makes me so sad. but then, ill start to feel better as i focus myself on the work and not myself. honestly, being homesick as well as culture shock is the worst, it is so hard at times to focus because i get sooooo sad that i cant see you guys, but just reading your emails now is soooooo amazing and has been helping me sooooo much. i love you guys so much and i know it will just take time to adjust to the mission life. i feel like it will be a lot easier o9nce i am in the field and actually doing work instead of sitting in a class listening.
2) the mission is soooooooo amazing!!!!!  the spirit i feel is amazing!!!!! i am constantly happy and smiling and it is the best. right now in the mtc we have some “investigators” that we teach. one, rocio , is going super well and we just taught her about the restauracion, whoops that word was in spanish. the other one isnt going top well, he was super bored last lesson, so we are trying to think of what to do to help him be more enganged. we also taught a less actrive lady, a teacher pretending to be one of here less actives from her mission, and we managed to reactivate her!!!! her son had died, so we told her that her son was now a mission like is in the spirit world and that she can go to the temple to send spirits for her son to teach. she loved it sooooo much!!!!!!
3) alright, i am in a latin district….. that means NO ENGLISH. my companion, elder monrtero, is from costa rica and barely speaks any english. there are two other elder, one from bolivia and the other from argentina, and 3 sisters, two from argentina and the other from peru. all my classes are in spanish and its really hard sometime to understand what they are saying….. but its also really fun because they get to laugh at me and my horrible spanish…. its awesome, in the non homesick moments they are the best people ever. also, im the first gringo elder to ever be in a latin district!!!! 
4) alrighty,.,,,.. i leave the mtc, or ccm en espanol, this tuesday. youll get a small scanned letter from me that day and then i will be on normal p-day schedule. i know nothing about who my comapnion is or anything like that, but ill know tuesday!!!
ohhhhhh mna it is still soooo weird to think i am on a mission, the adjustment is soooooo hard for me, but at the same time i love it!!!! also, lo siento, the ccm is really strict about camaras and i forgot mine in my room today…. so only a few ´pictures other elders took, sorry!!!!! ill take as many as i can when i get to the field to make up for that..!!!!!
anyways, o love you all so much, i miss yuou all sooo much, the hardest thing i have ever done is say goodbye to you guys, but it is also the best thing i could have ever done as well. keep praying that i will adjust well!!!!
yo se con todo mi cporazon que lo que estoy hacinedo ahora es lo mejor que podria estar haciendo.!!!! la mision es la mejor, y el espiritu que siento es tan fuerte!!!! yo se que esta iglesia es verdadera con todo mi corozan!!! No puedo esperear llegar en el campo misinal y empezar el trabajo misioanl real!!!!
les amo mucho!!!!!!

elder tenney!!!



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