I raised the rooooof!!!!

yeah, literally, i raised the roof!!!!! so this poor womans house burned down like 3 months ago in the word so the members (and elders) have been repairing it. the floor and walls are cement but they built a new roof. my job was hold roofing up while they nailed it (because i was tall and could wasily reach the super low roof) haha so yeah, i raised a roof and built a house this week!
hahah things are all good here, yes i still have my cold. we just hit the one month mark with this cold…….. oh well, i know i wont die on the mission so we are all good!
alrighty, another funny story, the ward didnt have people to speak so they asked me to. i took like 30 minutes to write some thoughts down and i was super worried my talk wouldnt be long enough…. well i got up and started talking (there was like 20 minutes left in the meeting) and i t went super well. i spoke super well and the spanish wasnt a problem…. the only problem was the clock on the wall was broken… so im taling abnout families and how important they are in la obra misional and its al going great, then the bishop slips a letter onto the pulpit that says “gracias por su tiempo”….. yeah, i talked for over 20 minutes…. and i was worried to give my farewell talk….. hilarious, right?? so yeah, i quickly finished up my talk and we song a hymn and closed the meeting. the other elder didnt get to speak because i took up all the time… jajajajaja, that was a little embarassing… but its all good!!!
alrighty, another cool story, my comp and i went to the doctor this weeek and our doctor is located in the CCM!!! so we got off the subway and i was looking down and my comp goes “no way!” so i assumed he saw a friend of his and his comp, well i look up and i see ELDER RUISICK walking towards me!!!!!!! WE RAN INTO EACH OTHER!!!!! like HOLY COW!!!!!! AHHHH it was soooo awesome to hsee him. he is doing SOOO well, oh my gosh, so yeah, we took a picture. ill try and send it if we have time!
alrighty, on a spiritual side, we have this awesome kid that we will be baptizing on the 8th og agust. Hes got a good testimony, friends in the church, and his mom and abuela are inactive, so that will help them go to church too!!! we are sooo excited or him! we have another lesson with him tonight!!!! ahhhhh im soooo excited!!!!
also we found another great family. we were out with the young mens presidnet and we went to a house of theses 2 kids my comp met the other day when i was in a different ward on divisions. they werent there but the mom opened the door and she knows the YM president!!!!! so yeah, we talked for like an hour. they told us they read some of the book of mormon my comp gave them, so we gave them something to read!! oh my gosh i soooo hopew they get baptized!!!! man o man that made me sooo excited to hear! and also they made us empenadas, that was awesome. 
so yrah, ive been eating a lot here, but ive actually lost weight, i now weigh under 190 pounds!!!!!! i know, weird right?
well thats all for this week. i love you guys, you are the best!!! keep up your great work there!!!!
i know that this is the work of the Lord. i know that He is preparing people for us to find. I testify of the reality of the gift of tongues and of the promise that if we open our mouths, the Lord will put words in them! >I love it here and i know i will love it a little more every day!
les quiero mucho!!
Elder Tenney!!!



im doing great!!! im lovin it here in Chile! it still hast hit meet that im on a mission even though llevo una placa y camoni por las calles y toco puertas y todo de eso! jajaja yeah its pretty funny, but i love it sooo much!
alrighty…. unfortunately nothing funny really happened this week, like only small things but this weeek went by sooooo fast i cant remeeber enytings (especially spelling). but yeah….
one funny thing was we talked to this guy and he let us in the house. we talked a while and at first he was reluctant but by the end of the our charla (and spritual thought) he was waaaayyyy interested. we asked him to say the closing prayer adn he said a really nice one, but like he repeated exactly what i explained . i said that we adreess Dios, then we thank hi for things, then we ask for blessings, and close in the name de Jesuristo, amen. So like his prayer was exactly like that – he was like “first we adress Dios, and then we thank him for our family, and our firneds, and we ask for this and we ask for that, en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.” without closing his eyes or anything.. its was a little different, but the spirit was there and there is nothing better or more pwerful than a father praying in front of his family for the first time. It was the best!!!!
I gave a blessing this week in spanish!! this awesome family that was baptized almost a year ago have a son and he got chiken pox, so my comp and I gave him a blessing! it was super neat, especially because it was in another language, i remember a few spanish sounding words just came to my head, such a neat spiritual experience!!!
another cool thing ( excuse the italic, i have no idea how that happened) is IM GOING TO BE AN ENGLISH TEACHER!!!! yeah, none of the elders have taught english and a ton of people here want to learn so we are going to start clases a week from saturday….. im a little nervous because i still dont understand a lot of what the people say, but whaterber!
so yeah spanish is cool! my comp and i will speak english, but i try and use spanish as much as possible! Nobody in the streets speaks spanish so outside the house when we talk to people its all 100% spanish, its the coolest! im sooo excited to learn! jaja also chileans have a lot of really unique sayings… so i have to learn those too, but it will be fun, and they add “po” to the end of words, cachaipo?
anuways, sorry for a lame-o email this week, hopefully next week will be better and funnier. La iglesia es verdadera, y cada dia mi testimonio se fortalece mas y mas. me encanta estar aqui y me encanta ser misionero!! En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen!
les quiero mucho

Elder Tenney (the cooler of the two)

Élder Tenney

Yep, just preaching the word in peñaflor

what what what what up family????????????? how yall doing??? im doing pretty good here in peñaflor!! (this keyboard has the worlds worst a and i keys…. so there will probably be a lack of letters) shoutout to my man Elder Rusick (i cant spell, even though i saw his name for two weeks on his placa) who gets in the field this week!!!! 
Man i hit my one month mark wedesnday!!!! it feels like i left forever ago, but at the same time it feels like its been 20 minutes since i left the mtc… ive heard the first 6 months are slow and then after that time just flies….. so well see how accurate that is!
well unfortunately there isnt much this week… the majority of our appntments fell through and we dont really have any promising OR progressing investigators……. that kinda makes the mission super hard. its kinda hard to be a greenie that is still adjusting to mission life and have little progress with the work, but thats ok. a succesful missoin is determined by your dedicacion, not bapstism. my comp and i work our hardest, talk to everyone, and leave everyone with a folleto or tarjetita. so thats ok.
funny thing, we were walking down the streeet and tw o dudes stopped us and asked if we were mormon missionaries. we said yes, and he asked what our church wsa about. i told him our church is about Jesucristo and sus enseñanzas. then he asked if we were from the reformada lds church… we told him no, but he asked us again. then his wife told us to relax…. the two dudes was the bishop of another ward and his son that just got home from his mission!!!!! JAJAJA it was hilarious!!! so yeah, this bishop and his son are studs!!! it was super funny!
Ok the ward is super small. 72 people came yesterday…. none of our investigators came…. its was rough. the bishop is super young and awesome!! hes a stud! i love him aton! its really weird being in this ward because its so different… no music (im practicing hymns with this simplified sheet music book so ican play) and the kids kinda just play during sacrament meetnig in a corner… but its all good! the best part of the ward is the mission leader!!! hes the son of the stake president (the whole family is super awesome!) and got home from his mission in brazil a year ago! he works soo hard with us to get the ward involved in missionary work nd its the best!!
ok, there are 4 other missionaries in the pension. one from LA, one from argentina (he was in my district in the MTC), one from canada, and one from colombia! so we speek a lot of spanish in the house, and in the streets my comp and i speak a lot of english, but i try an usse spanish a lot. i study the language on days when i hve time (3-4 days a week) and its amazing to see how well i speak and understand after one month!! imagine 6 months when we skype! (that seems years away.. jajaja) but yeah the pension is small but cozy. the applplanvces dont work too well, we have a washing machine and racks to dry stuff but ts awesome, i love it.
my comp and get along really well and am soo grateful for that! we have so much fun together and we both work super hard. we both follow the rules with exactness because that is super imprtant and i am very grateful for that.
well thats it for the wekk! i love you guys and miss you tons, but i know i need to be here. the spirit testifies so strong to me whenever i think about my call and me being here it is soooo cool!!
i know this church is true! i know that God lives and that Jesucristo suffered for us! in the name of Jesucristo, Amen!!!
les quiero mucho!!


Élder Tenney

wait what? i live in peñaflor chile??????

holy cow!!!!!!! if you didnt know from the title, i liv in peñaflor chile. and if you didnt guess, it still hasnt hit me that i am a missionary serving in chile?????? hahahaha thanks for all of your great emails and advice, i will try to respond to everyone asap, but ive only got 1 hour a week!!!
anyways here the docket for today – 1) my current mental state 2) my comp and other elders i live with 3) the mish and investigators 4) fnnny sotirs
1) alrighty, i am doing just fine now that i am out in the field. it is sooooo awesome being out here., it is literally the best. i still get homesick in the mirnongs when i eat and get ready and what not, but its all good. it will just take time and i know that i am never alone. we read in DyC that the Lord is with his missionaries and i am sure my ancestors on the other side are here as well. i am suuuuppppeeerrrr tired though…. haha that will take time to adjust to, haha but its all good. i love being here, it is literally sooo funa dn awesome!!!!!
2) alrighty, my comp is Elder Kimball from laguna beach california. hes been out for about 14 months! thats right, i got a california comp. we get along soo well its sooo aweome! he is super strict about the rules but thats what i wanted. we need to be exactly obedient to bring about the miracles of conversion in out converts. hes literally the best, i couldnt have a better trainer and friend in the field.
3) alright….. my comp and I are in white wash…. meaning we are both new to our sector and know absolutely nothing! so we have walked all over our sector knocking on door after door to set up appointments to teach people. we have a few very promising appointments that i am super stoked for! no baptisms yet but we might have one this saturday!!! we also have 2 super promising appointments with families that are parcial members and were extremely receptive as well as an appointment with a non member who as soon as she saw we were missionaries she invited us in but her huisband wasnt home so we couldnt go in. its all good though, we are working hard to find as many people as we can!!!
4) alrighty, best story this week – we were riding bikes and a group of FIVE dogs started chasing my comp!!!! haha i was behind him and was laughing my head off….. he was reasonably pretty s ared, haha but its all good! he doesnt really like ogs now… he has served in the city most of the time and because of that hasnt seen too many dogs, haha
anyways, i hope all is well back home! i love you guys and miss you but there is nothing better in my life that i could be doing than be preaching the gospel here in chile!!! spanish is coming along well, im learning new things every day! ive especially noticed that i speak and understand perfectly por medio del espiritu when i need to, whoopsss… that came out in spanish…. hahahaha anyways
the chuch is truw, service is true. la sola cosa que necisitames hacer para sentirnos mejor es enfocarnos en los otros, como investigadores. yo se que esta obra y iglesia son verdadera, y son mis favoritas! 
les quiero mucho!

Élder Tenney