wait what? i live in peñaflor chile??????

holy cow!!!!!!! if you didnt know from the title, i liv in peñaflor chile. and if you didnt guess, it still hasnt hit me that i am a missionary serving in chile?????? hahahaha thanks for all of your great emails and advice, i will try to respond to everyone asap, but ive only got 1 hour a week!!!
anyways here the docket for today – 1) my current mental state 2) my comp and other elders i live with 3) the mish and investigators 4) fnnny sotirs
1) alrighty, i am doing just fine now that i am out in the field. it is sooooo awesome being out here., it is literally the best. i still get homesick in the mirnongs when i eat and get ready and what not, but its all good. it will just take time and i know that i am never alone. we read in DyC that the Lord is with his missionaries and i am sure my ancestors on the other side are here as well. i am suuuuppppeeerrrr tired though…. haha that will take time to adjust to, haha but its all good. i love being here, it is literally sooo funa dn awesome!!!!!
2) alrighty, my comp is Elder Kimball from laguna beach california. hes been out for about 14 months! thats right, i got a california comp. we get along soo well its sooo aweome! he is super strict about the rules but thats what i wanted. we need to be exactly obedient to bring about the miracles of conversion in out converts. hes literally the best, i couldnt have a better trainer and friend in the field.
3) alright….. my comp and I are in white wash…. meaning we are both new to our sector and know absolutely nothing! so we have walked all over our sector knocking on door after door to set up appointments to teach people. we have a few very promising appointments that i am super stoked for! no baptisms yet but we might have one this saturday!!! we also have 2 super promising appointments with families that are parcial members and were extremely receptive as well as an appointment with a non member who as soon as she saw we were missionaries she invited us in but her huisband wasnt home so we couldnt go in. its all good though, we are working hard to find as many people as we can!!!
4) alrighty, best story this week – we were riding bikes and a group of FIVE dogs started chasing my comp!!!! haha i was behind him and was laughing my head off….. he was reasonably pretty s ared, haha but its all good! he doesnt really like ogs now… he has served in the city most of the time and because of that hasnt seen too many dogs, haha
anyways, i hope all is well back home! i love you guys and miss you but there is nothing better in my life that i could be doing than be preaching the gospel here in chile!!! spanish is coming along well, im learning new things every day! ive especially noticed that i speak and understand perfectly por medio del espiritu when i need to, whoopsss… that came out in spanish…. hahahaha anyways
the chuch is truw, service is true. la sola cosa que necisitames hacer para sentirnos mejor es enfocarnos en los otros, como investigadores. yo se que esta obra y iglesia son verdadera, y son mis favoritas! 
les quiero mucho!

Élder Tenney


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