Yep, just preaching the word in peñaflor

what what what what up family????????????? how yall doing??? im doing pretty good here in peñaflor!! (this keyboard has the worlds worst a and i keys…. so there will probably be a lack of letters) shoutout to my man Elder Rusick (i cant spell, even though i saw his name for two weeks on his placa) who gets in the field this week!!!! 
Man i hit my one month mark wedesnday!!!! it feels like i left forever ago, but at the same time it feels like its been 20 minutes since i left the mtc… ive heard the first 6 months are slow and then after that time just flies….. so well see how accurate that is!
well unfortunately there isnt much this week… the majority of our appntments fell through and we dont really have any promising OR progressing investigators……. that kinda makes the mission super hard. its kinda hard to be a greenie that is still adjusting to mission life and have little progress with the work, but thats ok. a succesful missoin is determined by your dedicacion, not bapstism. my comp and i work our hardest, talk to everyone, and leave everyone with a folleto or tarjetita. so thats ok.
funny thing, we were walking down the streeet and tw o dudes stopped us and asked if we were mormon missionaries. we said yes, and he asked what our church wsa about. i told him our church is about Jesucristo and sus enseñanzas. then he asked if we were from the reformada lds church… we told him no, but he asked us again. then his wife told us to relax…. the two dudes was the bishop of another ward and his son that just got home from his mission!!!!! JAJAJA it was hilarious!!! so yeah, this bishop and his son are studs!!! it was super funny!
Ok the ward is super small. 72 people came yesterday…. none of our investigators came…. its was rough. the bishop is super young and awesome!! hes a stud! i love him aton! its really weird being in this ward because its so different… no music (im practicing hymns with this simplified sheet music book so ican play) and the kids kinda just play during sacrament meetnig in a corner… but its all good! the best part of the ward is the mission leader!!! hes the son of the stake president (the whole family is super awesome!) and got home from his mission in brazil a year ago! he works soo hard with us to get the ward involved in missionary work nd its the best!!
ok, there are 4 other missionaries in the pension. one from LA, one from argentina (he was in my district in the MTC), one from canada, and one from colombia! so we speek a lot of spanish in the house, and in the streets my comp and i speak a lot of english, but i try an usse spanish a lot. i study the language on days when i hve time (3-4 days a week) and its amazing to see how well i speak and understand after one month!! imagine 6 months when we skype! (that seems years away.. jajaja) but yeah the pension is small but cozy. the applplanvces dont work too well, we have a washing machine and racks to dry stuff but ts awesome, i love it.
my comp and get along really well and am soo grateful for that! we have so much fun together and we both work super hard. we both follow the rules with exactness because that is super imprtant and i am very grateful for that.
well thats it for the wekk! i love you guys and miss you tons, but i know i need to be here. the spirit testifies so strong to me whenever i think about my call and me being here it is soooo cool!!
i know this church is true! i know that God lives and that Jesucristo suffered for us! in the name of Jesucristo, Amen!!!
les quiero mucho!!


Élder Tenney


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