im doing great!!! im lovin it here in Chile! it still hast hit meet that im on a mission even though llevo una placa y camoni por las calles y toco puertas y todo de eso! jajaja yeah its pretty funny, but i love it sooo much!
alrighty…. unfortunately nothing funny really happened this week, like only small things but this weeek went by sooooo fast i cant remeeber enytings (especially spelling). but yeah….
one funny thing was we talked to this guy and he let us in the house. we talked a while and at first he was reluctant but by the end of the our charla (and spritual thought) he was waaaayyyy interested. we asked him to say the closing prayer adn he said a really nice one, but like he repeated exactly what i explained . i said that we adreess Dios, then we thank hi for things, then we ask for blessings, and close in the name de Jesuristo, amen. So like his prayer was exactly like that – he was like “first we adress Dios, and then we thank him for our family, and our firneds, and we ask for this and we ask for that, en el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen.” without closing his eyes or anything.. its was a little different, but the spirit was there and there is nothing better or more pwerful than a father praying in front of his family for the first time. It was the best!!!!
I gave a blessing this week in spanish!! this awesome family that was baptized almost a year ago have a son and he got chiken pox, so my comp and I gave him a blessing! it was super neat, especially because it was in another language, i remember a few spanish sounding words just came to my head, such a neat spiritual experience!!!
another cool thing ( excuse the italic, i have no idea how that happened) is IM GOING TO BE AN ENGLISH TEACHER!!!! yeah, none of the elders have taught english and a ton of people here want to learn so we are going to start clases a week from saturday….. im a little nervous because i still dont understand a lot of what the people say, but whaterber!
so yeah spanish is cool! my comp and i will speak english, but i try and use spanish as much as possible! Nobody in the streets speaks spanish so outside the house when we talk to people its all 100% spanish, its the coolest! im sooo excited to learn! jaja also chileans have a lot of really unique sayings… so i have to learn those too, but it will be fun, and they add “po” to the end of words, cachaipo?
anuways, sorry for a lame-o email this week, hopefully next week will be better and funnier. La iglesia es verdadera, y cada dia mi testimonio se fortalece mas y mas. me encanta estar aqui y me encanta ser misionero!! En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen!
les quiero mucho

Elder Tenney (the cooler of the two)

Élder Tenney


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