What’s up Family???

hhhhhhhooooollllyyyyyyyy coooooooowwwwwwwww IT SERIOUSLY FEELS LIKE I WROTE TO YOU GUYS 20 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woooooow time is fast, and everybody says it takes off after your second change!!!
wellllll, how yall doing? it sounds like its been a bit of a hectic week, but i remeber in a blessing my comp gave me a few weeks ago he told me i would not have to worry about you guys, so “no temas, cree solamente” (thats a motto from our mission).
well, big news WERE BAPTIZING THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! so you know how that family puts all those pictures of my comp and I on facebook? She and her husbadn are converts as of almost a year and WE ARE BAPTIZING THEIR PARENTS!!!!!! Its been a little rough with them, but they got through their trial of faith and are going to be baptized!!! My comp and I are so stoked!!!
Next big news, WERE BAPTIZING THE WEEKEND AFTER THAT AS WELL!!! WE found this one lady the sunday a week ago and we have already taught her lessons 1, 2, and 3 AND she has come to church and told us she loved it! So she accepted the fecha of the fifth of septembre (how do you speell it en inglish?) hahaha so yeah, she rules and has been progressing so well!!
so yeah, besides that not much has happened, the kennedys cousin thats in my missio in my ZL and absolutely rules!!! hes such a good missionary!!!!!! its sooo awesome!!!
well, other than that ive been focusing really hard on developing better teaching skills. There is a while chapter in preach my gospel (chapter 10) devoted to being a better teacher and Im trying to apply that (mark and jared, start reading preach my gospel, especially chapter 10!!) I desire nothing that to be a instrument in the Lords hand to help His children come unto Him! Yo se que una manera mejor de hacer eso es desarrollar una manera de enseñar que nos ha sido dado por los profets, o sea, capitulo 10 de Predicad Mi Evangelio. Testifico de esta obra, es la obra del Señor, El nos guia, El nos dice lo que debemos decir, y sin El, no tenemos nada. Testifico de la realidad de Jesucristo y Su mano en nuestra obra maravillosa, AMEN!
Elder Tenney!



Hardest but BEST week so far

anyways, as the title says this was the hardest week of mty mission! The reason is that we went FOUR DAYS WITHOUT A SINGLE LESSON OR NUEVO!!! we seriously knocked on like 50 doors each day and NOBODY let us in! it was sooo hard…. my comp was a little discouraged bnut we worked hard and powered through it! and we finished the week by finding a family of 4!!! they live across the street from the chapel so that should make their assistence a litle easier!
 but yeah, this family rules! At first, they didnt want us to come in but we kept persisting.Finally the let us come in to offer a prayer and as we talked to them more, we found out that they had a child die and that times were really hard for them. Well, we ended up talking for a while witht them and as we left the wife told us “you guys came at the precise moments for us” man oh man was that amazing to hear. We scheduled a lesson with them fir this weekend but we are going to pass by during the week to check in on them.
Thats something my comp and i are working really hard on. We are working really hard on our compromisos ( i forget the word they use in english) and our enfoque on teaching the people. We both teach well, but we aer trying to really find what these people need in thwir life in order to relly apply the gospel to help them. We are also trying to focus on compromisos and extedning them out of love to help them really desire to come unto Christ. We are also tryiung to talk less when we teachand teach a lot simpler and testify a lot more. The past couple of days we have done that we have seen a MAJOR difference and it is truely awesome!
well like stephen said, i too have been studying la caridad and i have been trying to develop it! as misionaries, we wont have success a menos que we focus on the people and love them. It takes time to develop this type of amor, but i want to really work hard to develop it. in predicad mi evangelio it says that as we develop this trait we will desire the salvation of everyone and strive to lift them up and bless them! so i am trying really hard to study and develop this trait. 
bueno, estoy muy agradecido por mi oportunidad ser misionero de tiempo completo. aunque es muy dificil a veces y todavia estoy acustombrandome, pero, algo que me ha dado cuenta de que es en la mision (y estaban dijo algo acerca de esto tambien) es la oportunidad de reconocer nuestras debilidades en l avida. He reconocido muchas cosas que pensaba que eran mis fortalezas en realidad son mis debilidades. y no debemos sentirnos tristes por reconocer esto porque ahora el Señor puede ayudarnos porque nos hemos puestos humildes (como dice en eter 12:27) testifico de esto, que cuando reconocemos nuestras debilidades, debemos ponernos felices por la oportunidad de crecer y fortalecer esta debilidad. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney

Not too much this week…

soooo yeah, i feel like there was some exciting news…. oh yeah that was it
WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so the kid we have been woprking with got baptized! it was soo amazing! its been so much fun and its been amazing to teach hime and see him change his life and come unto Christ! He loves church, he comes to all three hours and to mutual as we, ALONE. Well sometimes his mom comes with him (she inçs flotante, r floating activity) but yeah, he got baptized and confirmed! He asked me to preform the baptism, and i was very grateful for that experience! My first batpism! It was a life chnging moment for the both of us. We taught him in 3 weeks and he got bapized after going to church only 2 times! tenia muchas ganas de bautizarse, ahhhh que bacan!
well, this week was kinda rough. Im nnot sure why its still super hard for me in moments, but ive been studying two talks a lot this week. One is becoming a consecrated missionary and that talk rally opened up my eyes. It showed me the importance of giving EVERYTHING to the Lord, and that our everything is a tiny sacrifice. I am trying my hardest to do nothing but serve Him. I am trying very hard to not waste time and just serve him, even if im sad, even if im in a super rough moment, even if im tired, i just try and have faith in Christ and keep moving foreward.
the other talk ive been studying in called the fuorth missionary (i invie all, missionaries, soon to be missionaries, and regular people to study these two talks and apply the princpiles in heir lives). It is essentially the same as he consecraed missionary talk, bt ges wayyyy deeper into the doctrine behind it all. Just like the first talk, i have been striving to forget myself and give it all to the Lord.Like this talk says, the only way to change and become more like the Savior, and become an instrument in His hands is give Him our all: our passins, our desires, our time, our pride, our disobedience, and most importantly, our will. He cn only change us if we give Him everything, and the only way to give Him everything is o give >Him our will. That is what I am trying to do, to give Him my will. By ding that He will be able to change me into the missionary He needs me to be. By doing that, I will become an instrument in His hands and will help bring others unto Him.
Ive also been studyng paciencia a lot as well. Its in the preach my gospel in the chapter Atributes of Christ. Ive been studying it to help me through all of my difficult memonets in the mission. I dont know if my moments are more or harder than others, i just know that these momens wll help me larn what i need o to be a beter person and a beter missionary. I made a cool chart to help me develop these atributes of christ (ill send i if i have time) and i hope to be able o develop them in my mission!
well, estifico de que la unca manera de llegar a ser un misionero consegrado y un herramiento en la mano del Señor es darle todo,m especialmene nuestra voluntad. Es solo por medio de eso que El puede cambiarnos para que lleguen a ser las personas que El necesta que seamos. El no puede cambiar lo que no posee, y la unica manera de dejar permitirnos el señor es darle nuestra voluntad. de esto testifico en su sagrad nombre, Amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney


heyyyyyy guuuyyyysssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats up in california?? or utah??? i forgot where you are……
anyways, not a lot this week, we only worked in our area for a day, the other days we did COSECHONES!!! I think thats spanish for harvest, but im not sure. what it is is all the misionaries in the zone go to a certain ward and help them find new investigatrs! it was super fun because we got to go on splits with new elders and i learned a TON!!!!! All the other elders got a lot of new investigators exxcept one oof the hermanas zones and my comp and is zone…. yeah, its hard to find people in my zone but we have got some solid investigators right now, AND A BAPTIM THIS SATURDAY!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! i am soooo excited for my baptism!!!! man o man. when we found this kid, we invited him to get baptized the first lesson and he was like ” yeah, baptism is something i would like!” and now he is going to get baptized!!!!! i am sooo excited for him!!!! his mom (who is inactive) came to church with him this sunday and cried she felt the spirit sooooo strong. Man it was such a good week. All of our retencion people came to church as well!!! it was sooo cool1!!!!
anyways, i went on splits with one of the zone leaders the other day and it was awesome! (on a day that wasnt a cosechon). I learned a lot from him, but it was mainly super fun because he only speaks a tiny bit of english, so i was talking spanish the whole day!! it was super fun to talk spanish all day. I dont really worry about spanish. I still study grammar and vocab, but i usully understand enough to know what people are saying, so thats good! I do hope my next companion is native though so that i can really become fluent!
anyways, next cool story is we went to the temple with a family this week! The elders baptized this family like almost a year ago, but we went to the temple with them and it was sooo amazing!!!!!! they had such a good time!!! they are now preparing to be sealed in the temple! it was sooo amazing to see them in the temple and see how it changed thei life to do temple work! i loved it soo much!

Well, i love you guys sooo much! Keep being super amazing!!!}
les quiero!
Elder Tenney!