heyyyyyy guuuyyyysssss!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! whats up in california?? or utah??? i forgot where you are……
anyways, not a lot this week, we only worked in our area for a day, the other days we did COSECHONES!!! I think thats spanish for harvest, but im not sure. what it is is all the misionaries in the zone go to a certain ward and help them find new investigatrs! it was super fun because we got to go on splits with new elders and i learned a TON!!!!! All the other elders got a lot of new investigators exxcept one oof the hermanas zones and my comp and is zone…. yeah, its hard to find people in my zone but we have got some solid investigators right now, AND A BAPTIM THIS SATURDAY!!!!! WOOOO HOOOOOOO!!!! i am soooo excited for my baptism!!!! man o man. when we found this kid, we invited him to get baptized the first lesson and he was like ” yeah, baptism is something i would like!” and now he is going to get baptized!!!!! i am sooo excited for him!!!! his mom (who is inactive) came to church with him this sunday and cried she felt the spirit sooooo strong. Man it was such a good week. All of our retencion people came to church as well!!! it was sooo cool1!!!!
anyways, i went on splits with one of the zone leaders the other day and it was awesome! (on a day that wasnt a cosechon). I learned a lot from him, but it was mainly super fun because he only speaks a tiny bit of english, so i was talking spanish the whole day!! it was super fun to talk spanish all day. I dont really worry about spanish. I still study grammar and vocab, but i usully understand enough to know what people are saying, so thats good! I do hope my next companion is native though so that i can really become fluent!
anyways, next cool story is we went to the temple with a family this week! The elders baptized this family like almost a year ago, but we went to the temple with them and it was sooo amazing!!!!!! they had such a good time!!! they are now preparing to be sealed in the temple! it was sooo amazing to see them in the temple and see how it changed thei life to do temple work! i loved it soo much!

Well, i love you guys sooo much! Keep being super amazing!!!}
les quiero!
Elder Tenney!



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