What’s up Family???

hhhhhhhooooollllyyyyyyyy coooooooowwwwwwwww IT SERIOUSLY FEELS LIKE I WROTE TO YOU GUYS 20 MINUTES AGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
woooooow time is fast, and everybody says it takes off after your second change!!!
wellllll, how yall doing? it sounds like its been a bit of a hectic week, but i remeber in a blessing my comp gave me a few weeks ago he told me i would not have to worry about you guys, so “no temas, cree solamente” (thats a motto from our mission).
well, big news WERE BAPTIZING THIS WEEKEND!!!!!! so you know how that family puts all those pictures of my comp and I on facebook? She and her husbadn are converts as of almost a year and WE ARE BAPTIZING THEIR PARENTS!!!!!! Its been a little rough with them, but they got through their trial of faith and are going to be baptized!!! My comp and I are so stoked!!!
Next big news, WERE BAPTIZING THE WEEKEND AFTER THAT AS WELL!!! WE found this one lady the sunday a week ago and we have already taught her lessons 1, 2, and 3 AND she has come to church and told us she loved it! So she accepted the fecha of the fifth of septembre (how do you speell it en inglish?) hahaha so yeah, she rules and has been progressing so well!!
so yeah, besides that not much has happened, the kennedys cousin thats in my missio in my ZL and absolutely rules!!! hes such a good missionary!!!!!! its sooo awesome!!!
well, other than that ive been focusing really hard on developing better teaching skills. There is a while chapter in preach my gospel (chapter 10) devoted to being a better teacher and Im trying to apply that (mark and jared, start reading preach my gospel, especially chapter 10!!) I desire nothing that to be a instrument in the Lords hand to help His children come unto Him! Yo se que una manera mejor de hacer eso es desarrollar una manera de enseñar que nos ha sido dado por los profets, o sea, capitulo 10 de Predicad Mi Evangelio. Testifico de esta obra, es la obra del Señor, El nos guia, El nos dice lo que debemos decir, y sin El, no tenemos nada. Testifico de la realidad de Jesucristo y Su mano en nuestra obra maravillosa, AMEN!
Elder Tenney!



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