Guess whos not a greenie!?!?!?!

Alrighty, I AM NO LONGER A GREENIE!!!! I have finished my in field training! Wooo Hooooo!!!! So what next, well another comp from my house and i went to the mission office for a training called “Como mejorar las debilidades en la mision” or “How to overcome deficulties in the mission” So yeah, i was excited to get some advice on how to overcome some of my challenges in the mission. I show up, sit down, we sing, we pray, and president gets up “Thank you all for coming. It is very important that we talk about this topic because each of you is going to be a trainer this change” wait what???? IM TRAINING???? I JUST FINNESHED MY TRAINING????? and now im training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I am STOKED for that opportunity, but also a little scared because the majority of the new elders are gringos and i still dont speak/understand as well as i would like to….. anyways, i am STOKED!!!!! So I wont know who my new companion is until tomorrow, but I will let you guys now for sure!

More big news! WE HAD 2 BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!!!!! WOOOO HOOO!!!! One of these baptisms was an absolute miracle. The lady is super timid, but she has a strong testimony of the Libro de Mormon! The day of her interview, a member called us and said the our investigator isnt going to her interview, what? So we go talk to her and her pareja (partner) that left her showed up after the earthquake and was talking about moving back in with her. My comp and I did the only thing we could do: open our mouth and let the spirit fill it with words. That is what we did, and holy cow! I dont remember what was said, I only remember that the spirit was strong! I was about to tell her “we are going to come back in 10 minutes and give you time to pray about this” when she said “esperenme, voy con ustedes” I LOVE THOSE WORDS!!!! In that instant, she chose to follow the Savior and my oh my have I seen how happy she has been since! I know that the Spirit was the only thing that coud have helped her to make that decision so firmly. Testifico dl poder del Espiritu Santo! Yo se que el Espiritu Santo puede cambiar vidas y tocar corazones!
A parte de esto, la semana fue dificil por las fiesta patrias. Eso fue divertido y comimos alta carne! Pero, fue dificil tener lecciones! De todos modos, lo siento que este correo es mas corto, pero espero que pueda sentir el poder del milagro que vimos esta semana. Estoy agradecido que recibieron mi carta. Les testifico d que Jesucristo nos conoce Y no provee. Yo se que esto es verdadero, no lo puedo negar! Dejo esto con ustedes en el nombre sagrado de Jesucristo, Amen!
les quiero!
Elder Tenney!



WHAT UP?????

HEY GUYS, Como estan? Espero que les haya ido super bien!!!! Todo va bien aqui en Chilepo! 
Hey guys!! WOW!!! THIS WEEK ABSOLUTELY FLEW BY!!!! hahaha man, it was a great week!
Sooo heres the scoop. Weve got 2 baptisms this saturday and the other missionaries in our ward have one as well! The ward party for the 18th of septiembre is also this saturday, so to start off the party we are going to have THREEEEE baptisms!!
On top of that, my comp and I went a whole week without a single new investigator…..then saturday comes around and we find 2 people! Sunday comes, and we find not one, not two, but SIX new poeple!!!!!! Three of them are a family that had a ton of interest in our message on the Restauracion!!! We invited them to read the Book of Mormon and orar al respecto! hahaha I sure hope they do it because I know they will recieve an answer!!! 
Well, Im glad all is going well! It sounds like you guys have had a lot of fun! Way to go BYU!! And whats the name of the QB? The one that served here in Chile? Ill have to see if he served in this mission!
Alrighty, lessons ive learned this week. Well, one thing that Im working on is being happy, even if its been hot, rainy, no success, or anything. I have every reason to be happy. Yeah, im far away from home, yeah i miss my family, yeah im living a super different life style, but i am doing what the Lord wants me to do. Im doing the things that make me happy, so i should be happy! Ive been working on that this week, and my comp told me he has seen a big difference, so that made me happy!
Ive also learned a lot about pray. Whenever im down, whenever im tired, whenever i dont feel like sharing the gospel, whenever i miss home, i PRAY! Everyday before I leave to work, i try and kneel and say a personal pray of strength, and the difference in the day is AMAZING! I truely know that our Heavenly Father loves us and answers our prayers. I cannot deny it. The amount of spiritual strength that i have recieved by saying these prayers is amazing, and I will continue to do so. 
Well, thats about it this week. Let me know what type of info you like or want to recieve in my emails. I hope you all enjoyed the fotos!
Les quiero

Élder Tenney


Well, it rained again!

hey family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Well, as the title says, it rained again! AFter like 4 super hot days, it cooled down and rained and now its cold again….. Que Extraño el tiempo ahora! ANyways, heres the week
First off, our baptism fell through….. I was super disappointed, but its all good because we are passing by this investigator everyday and her testimony is really growing stronger and stronger! Im soooo excited for her progress! WE are going to tru and set up another date to get baptized on the 19th!
Good news, the baptism that fell through like 2 weeks ago, she told us she is goig to get baptized on the 19th! So we might have TWO baptisms that day! My comp and I are super excited!
Well, we have been working really hard this week. We havent had a lot of success in finding new investigators, but we are still trying hard! At times, its hard when our numbers are low, but we should NEVER focus on the numbers because 1) our numbers depends on other agency and 2) as long as we are working hard and doing our part, we have no reason to be sad nor dissapointed!
Sorry that I dont have many funny stories this week. I did send a lot of fotos of my comp and I working really hard (dont worry, we are working super hard!)
Well, what questions do you guys have for me next week? Any suggestions? Jokes? Ohhh ive got a few jokes!
So my comp got a package with a bunch of laffy taffy in it, and weve read a lot of those jokes! One of my favorites is the following:
Why did the chicken cross the park? 

To get to the other SLIDE! hahaha so punny, i know!

anyways, im glad to hear all is going well back home! Good choice to take Spanish mark! Study hard and practice with as many people as you can!
ohhh, a few more things in a package. The book Trusting Jesus by Elder Holland. The book Lectures on faith as well! 
Estoy esforzandome por ayudar a las personas aqui y seguir los susurros del Espiritu Santo! Un ejemplo del papel del Espiritu Santo es ayudarnos a saber que debemos decir! En PME, hay una cita que dice que debemos siempre enfocar en lo que las personas diga. Si hacemos esto, y no pensamos en lo que debemos decir, las palabras vendra a nosotros. Eso es la promesa en Doctrina y Convenio. Yo se que esto es la verdad porque cuando me enfoco en las personas y no pienso en mi respuesta, cuando abro mi boca, palabras salen y yo se que es el Espiritu Santo que esta deciendome lo que debo decir para ayudar a estas personas! En mi mision, ya he aprendido mucho sobre la importancia y poder del Espiritu Santo, y se que sequire aprendiendo! Se que esta es la obra del Señor, que El esta con nosotros, y que El esta preperando a personas para recibirnos. De esto testifico en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!

Élder Tenney


Wow, its been really how lately and everyone is saying “this is nothing compared to summer” yeah, that helps a lot………. haha but its all good, just an excuse to eat ice cream!!!!
anyways, to answer you question dad, we only had one baptism this past week. The parents of some recent cnoverts had the fecha and a week ago, the wife wanted to be baptized and the husband no, but the husband got baptized and the wife didnt… my comp and I were retty bummed about that. but the good news is that she will be baptuzed. Shes been tellig us that she doest feel ready even though she totaly is. But she will get baptized, dont worry. 
Good News, we have another baptism this week!! We are baptizing a new inverstigaotr we found like 3 weeks ago (funny story, we found her as we were ealking and i stepped in a fresh dog bomb. She started laughing and my comp started talking to her. So yeah, cool huh?) She has progressed soooo much and truly has a desire to come unto christ and untilize his atonement to help her. She feals alone becuase her pareja just left her. S we are sooooo excited for her!!1
What else has happened this weel….. not much, we had cosechones again this week so those were fun!!! I learned a lot from the other Elders and that always super fun!
Something stephen said that ive been studying and i really want to ùt in practice more is the questions of the alma! The Book of Mormon truly does have answers to our questions., I try to utilize those questions as much as I can, I should probably do a better job. Something that I realy love that my mission presidents wife says is that it does not matter which scrupture we use with a person, there is always a wat to use it to help them, and that is always super interesting!
Something also stephen said that really hit me was how he has realized his experiences have prepared him to help be a better missionary. I testify of that. Our lives are hard, really hard at times and a lot of hard things happen to us, but if we change our perspetive just slightylu, it not only helps us grow, but it helps us realize the beaty of trials. This perspective is seeing that our trials are really opportunities to apply Christs teachings and grow. Then when we do this we not only becom more christlike, but we also are now able to help others in similar trials. This is what we do as missionaries. We help pthers recieve the gospel and apply the teachings of Jesus to their lives and come unto Him so that they can have better lives. 
De esto testifico. Siento que mis correos no hayan sido llenos de historias chistosas, pero me gusta mas comprtir lo qye he aprendido! Testifico del plan perfecto de nuestro Padre Celestial. No hay NADA que sea imposible resolver con el evangelio. Es una bendicion estar aqui y ser el instrumento en las manos del Señor y ayudar a otros a venir a Cristo y mejorar su calidad de vida. Testifico de que Dios vive y de que Su hijo Jesucristo hizo posible que pudieramos regresar a Dios y vivir con El. En el nombre de Jesucristo, Amen!
LEs Quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney