well, this week has been good! I finally got Stephens package!!! it had a letter from him, another letter, Dads copy of Jesus the Christ, and the WORLDS COOLEST SCRIPTURE CASE!!!!! so yeah, all the other missionaries are jealous of that! haha but yeah, those two letters changed the shape of my mission!
Well, my comp and I have been teaching a few people for a while without much success of their progress. In Stephens leter ( and the other one) it talks about why we give people commitments. It says that we ive them comitments so that they will become converted. The people always feel the spirit when we are around, but the reason we give commitments is so that other feel the spirit when we arent there. If they do the commitments, they are going to recognize that they can have the spirit with them without us being there! Then these people desire these feeling and will desire to be baptized. and its soooo true!!! A few example: Enos, he wasnt converted until he prayed. Alma as well. King Lamoni also prayed and did his commitments and was converted! So my comp and I have been working really hard on extending good commitments and VERIFYING them! So hopefully that will help people progress a little more!
Anoter cool thing is an aweome meeting we had. It was a palo sesh (in chile, they say “dar palos” or give sticks to say repramand, haha) so yeah, we talked about the talk “becoming a consecrated missionary” and it was awesome!!! The thing I am not very good at that i am working really hard to improve is talking with EVERYONE. haha, its kinda weird for me to talk with people in the street, but my comp and I have been working really hard to improve! Its actually way more fun to talk to people in the street! haha so yeah, that was awesome!
Bueno, lamentablamente, no tengo historias chistosas. Pero quiero compartirles algo que aprendi en mis estudios. Eso es la relacion entre poder del espiritu y socerdocio y la pureza, o sea, dignidad. En Heleman 10, dice que Nefi recibio poder porque el Señor sabia que el no iba a hacer algo en contra de la voluntad el Señor. Nosotros tambien podemeos recibir este poder. Tenemos que purificarnos. Tenemos que humillarnos ante del Señor y esforzarnos por hacer Su voluntad. Entonces, El va a confiar en nosotros y nos va a dar mas poder. Testifico de esto. Si nos purificamos, recibiremos mas poder y podremos ayudar a los otros. Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney


4 months already??????

Hey guys!!!! how yall doing? Thanks for writing me mark and Jared, i love you guys too! hahaha im glad to hear all is going well in your work dad! Ill keep praying for you! And how fun you guys ate with the Gomes! Tell them to write me! that would be amazing!
Well, not much this week but ill start with a funny story from last week! So like a week or two weeks ago we had cosechones. Thats where all the missionaries in a zone work in a single ward for like 3 hours. So i was with two other elders (Elder Vargas de Argentina y Elder Flores de Peru) and we had just finished talking with a lady at here fence. While we were talking her dog escaped, a big husky. As we started to walk away, the dog started to bark at us, so Elder Vargas pretends to pick up a rock and chuck it at the dog. Well, the dog makes the most suprised/terrified/hilarious bark noise ever and jumps a fence that was like 5 feet high!!!!!! we were laughing soooo hard!!! easily one of the funniest things to happen on the mission!
Well, this week was super tough. This past sunday was the “make it or break it” sunday to see if we are going to baptize this month. Well, no one came to church….. soooo yeah, weve had a few people tat we have been working with and are progressing and they all gave us the same “im sick” excuse and didnt come to church. So we are going to be giving palos to investigators this week, JUST KIDDING. (ps giving palos is like, reprimanding someone. Palos are like sticks, andthe chilenos say Dar palos). so yeah, we are going to try and read the Book of Mormon with our investigators to help them build their testimony and help them understand the importance of going to church! but yeah, thats the news this week!
Well, we did find a sweet old couple this week! The majority of our sector is old people. But we had a good first lession and the man was like “obviously Jesus came to the Americas” when we talked about 3 nefi in the Book of Mormon! so yeah, we are going to be teaching them!
Bueno, a veces es necesario que nuestra fe sea probada. Por esa razon estamos aqui, para ser probados! Y si, a veces es dificil, pero siempre sera para ayudarnos a ser mejores personas! Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney

What up familia??? (i think i say that every time!)

hey guys!!!!!!!!!! Well im glad to here all is well back home! hahah all is well here! The weather here is really funky, it like rains in the morning and is FREEZING cold and then is BURNING hot during the day and become FREEZING at night… i dont like it. Estoy chato del tiempo, jajaja
anyways….. well this week has been super good. My comp, Elder Anderson, is progressing super well! IT usually takes a greenie about 2 to 3 weeks to start to get some confidence in the mission and now that hes got the confidence hes really starting to do well. He teaches well in the lessons and has a really good testimony! Soo yeah, things are going well between us! haha
Well, this week has been good and tough at the same time! We have had a lot of good lessons with a lot of new investigators (we have about 10ish people that we are working with right now) and a few of them have fechas (baptismal dates) BUT no one is coming to church! even though they have told us that they would come, none of them have, and this sunday is the last sunday to have a baptism (if they dont go this sunday, they cant get baptized this change) so yeah, we are going to be sorking super hard this week so that we can get them to go to church. jajaja
aparte de eso, yeah my mind play tricks on me with spanish in my head. Like, i cant have a normal conversation in english with latinos. Sometimes they come up to us to speak english and its soooo hard to speak english with them, jajaja but yeah, thats just mission life!
Well, something that ive studied this week that i have really like is obedience. Obviously as a missionary we have to be obedient. But its not just being obedient that counts, but rather why we obey. IF we obey, but we dont want to, it doesnt count. We have to obey por amor, or be cause we love the Lord. If we obey because we want to, it means we have recognized that the rules are here for us to be happy! And when we obey becuase we want to, the Lord rewards us. He wants to bless us, but we must obey. Plus, when we obey por amor, we strive to obey and we are happy to obey. Entonces, esto es algo que he aprendido esta semana y durante mi mision. Se que el Señor nos bendecira por nuestra obediencia.
Bueno, les quiero mucho y testifico de esta obra. A veces las personas no entienden porque necesitamos Jesucristo en nuestras vidas. La razon por la que lo necesitamos es porque nosotros estamos muertos espiritualmente. Tambien lo necesitamos para que resucitemos, pero, sin El, no podemos arrepentirnos y tener el Espiritu con nosotros. La muerte espiritual no solamente es no vivir con Dios, pero no tener su influencia con nosotros tambien, asique para vencer esto, necesitamos el arrepentimiento y el don del Espiritu Santo, los cuales solamente podemos lograr por medio del bautismo y la recepcion del don del Espiritu Santo. Se que es asi, y comparto esto en el nombre de nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo, Amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney

What Up!!!!

well, sorry this email will probably be lame, i dnt have a lot of time.
first off, CONFERENCE WAS WESOME!!!! i felt the spirit super strong and learnd a ton! i hope you guys did too! haha
Im glad to hear all is well. Mark i hate you for geting a 33 on the ACT. Jared, good to hear yuo a thrasing school as well (sorry this keyboard es horrible!) Dad, way to keep killing it in work! i know that you guys will besuer sucesful, ive been fasting for you guys! Mom, thank for the awesome emails!
well, nothing funny really happened this wkk, just work. The good news is that my comp and i have been worrking hard and have found a lot of new people to teach! we started th week with 3 investigators (that we stopped visiting because they are NEVR in their house) and now have around 12! haha we are giong to try and put 5 fechas this week (fecha means they hae accetped a date t obe baptized and have already been to church!) so that will be fun!
We have been doing a lot of contactin this week. 2 funny stories. we knock on a door and a man leaves. we talk t ohim a little and ask him if he beleves in Christ, he responds (nope, see you guys!) and leaves… hahaha it was pretty funny, like the way he said it, haha. We were also talking with another woman and she said the usual chilean excuse “im suer busy” but sh atleast came to her gate (chileans have gates around their hosues).I asked her what her name is and sheresponds “i dont even remeber my name!” it literally made me stop and look at her for a few seconds. Hahaha i was thinking “wow, what a funny lame excuse!” haha so yeah, ther are some funny chilean excuses to not talk to the missionaries!
bueno, testifico de lo que stephen dijo la ultima semana de la paciencia. La paciencia claramente es un atributo que nosotros necesitamos desarrollar! No solamente nos va a ayudar a que tengamos el espiritu con nosotros, pero tambien nos va a ayudar a ser capaces de vivir en experiencias dificiles. He visto muchas veces tambien cuando he ejercido la paciencia y he preservado el espiritu que nosotros misioneros necesitamos! Testifico de ella en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero! 

Élder Tenney

The Week!!!!

HHHHEEEEYYYY GGGUUUYYYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hows it going? I hope that all is well, Dad, the office looks almost as cool as my comp and Is study room! haha, Stephen, way to save water! haha we got plenty here in Chile! haha
already, the big news about my comp:
His name is Elder Anderson from Logan, Utah!!!!!! 

His mom is Colombiana, so he already speaks a lot of spanish like I did! He just turned 19 this past sunday!!! So yeah, hes super awesome!
What do i love about training? Well, I dont know what its like to not be a trainer, nor in traning, but its super fun! Haha there are a lot of lessons to learn being a trainer. I have to always try my hardest to be a good example, because ive already noticed how much my comp learns from what I do. Plus, i need to be super patient, as a new missionary, he doesnt know all that we can and cant do, nor the best ways to teach (yo tampoco) so i am learing how to be patient. Something that I lacke before the mision. I am also learning how to rely on the spirit. In lessons, I no longer have an experienced person to look to, I am that experienced person. I ust try hard to listen to what the people say and testify of certain doctrines. In lessons, i try and listen to the spirit and open my mouth so that the spirit can fill it with words. There is a lot to learn while being a trainer, and I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to learn these things!
Well, this week has been rough. We dont have any new investigators, nor investigators that are progrssing, and it has been super rough. Weve been walking and contacting all day withou little success. But, the one thing I have learned in the mission is that opposition ALWAYS precedes blessings. As it says in Ether, we will no recieve miracles nor blessing until after the trial of our faith! So something good should be just around the corner.
Another lesson ive learned is not focusing on numbers to measure success, but rather our diligence and effort. It says in PME that our diligence and effort is an expression of our love for the Lord, so that always motivates me to work hard!
alrighty, funny story. My comp and I are walking down a street in the ight, and some dude is making motorcycle noises in the street. Well, he was either drunk or drogado, or both, becasue we watched as he walked his imaginary motorclye, turned it around, and then rode off down the road. The whole time he did this, his hands were holding the imaginary high rise handle bars and he was making motorcycle noises. HILARIOUS!!!
Bueno, les testifico del poder de la expiacion. Es mi deseo que entienda esta mejor. El entendimiento de la expiacon nos ayuda a desear la salvacion de otros. He visto mi entendimiento crecer, y mi deseo de trabajar para que otras sean salvos! Testifico del poder del arrepentimiento, y comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les Quiero!

Élder Tenney