The Week!!!!

HHHHEEEEYYYY GGGUUUYYYSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hows it going? I hope that all is well, Dad, the office looks almost as cool as my comp and Is study room! haha, Stephen, way to save water! haha we got plenty here in Chile! haha
already, the big news about my comp:
His name is Elder Anderson from Logan, Utah!!!!!! 

His mom is Colombiana, so he already speaks a lot of spanish like I did! He just turned 19 this past sunday!!! So yeah, hes super awesome!
What do i love about training? Well, I dont know what its like to not be a trainer, nor in traning, but its super fun! Haha there are a lot of lessons to learn being a trainer. I have to always try my hardest to be a good example, because ive already noticed how much my comp learns from what I do. Plus, i need to be super patient, as a new missionary, he doesnt know all that we can and cant do, nor the best ways to teach (yo tampoco) so i am learing how to be patient. Something that I lacke before the mision. I am also learning how to rely on the spirit. In lessons, I no longer have an experienced person to look to, I am that experienced person. I ust try hard to listen to what the people say and testify of certain doctrines. In lessons, i try and listen to the spirit and open my mouth so that the spirit can fill it with words. There is a lot to learn while being a trainer, and I am grateful for the opportunity that I have to learn these things!
Well, this week has been rough. We dont have any new investigators, nor investigators that are progrssing, and it has been super rough. Weve been walking and contacting all day withou little success. But, the one thing I have learned in the mission is that opposition ALWAYS precedes blessings. As it says in Ether, we will no recieve miracles nor blessing until after the trial of our faith! So something good should be just around the corner.
Another lesson ive learned is not focusing on numbers to measure success, but rather our diligence and effort. It says in PME that our diligence and effort is an expression of our love for the Lord, so that always motivates me to work hard!
alrighty, funny story. My comp and I are walking down a street in the ight, and some dude is making motorcycle noises in the street. Well, he was either drunk or drogado, or both, becasue we watched as he walked his imaginary motorclye, turned it around, and then rode off down the road. The whole time he did this, his hands were holding the imaginary high rise handle bars and he was making motorcycle noises. HILARIOUS!!!
Bueno, les testifico del poder de la expiacion. Es mi deseo que entienda esta mejor. El entendimiento de la expiacon nos ayuda a desear la salvacion de otros. He visto mi entendimiento crecer, y mi deseo de trabajar para que otras sean salvos! Testifico del poder del arrepentimiento, y comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les Quiero!

Élder Tenney


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