What Up!!!!

well, sorry this email will probably be lame, i dnt have a lot of time.
first off, CONFERENCE WAS WESOME!!!! i felt the spirit super strong and learnd a ton! i hope you guys did too! haha
Im glad to hear all is well. Mark i hate you for geting a 33 on the ACT. Jared, good to hear yuo a thrasing school as well (sorry this keyboard es horrible!) Dad, way to keep killing it in work! i know that you guys will besuer sucesful, ive been fasting for you guys! Mom, thank for the awesome emails!
well, nothing funny really happened this wkk, just work. The good news is that my comp and i have been worrking hard and have found a lot of new people to teach! we started th week with 3 investigators (that we stopped visiting because they are NEVR in their house) and now have around 12! haha we are giong to try and put 5 fechas this week (fecha means they hae accetped a date t obe baptized and have already been to church!) so that will be fun!
We have been doing a lot of contactin this week. 2 funny stories. we knock on a door and a man leaves. we talk t ohim a little and ask him if he beleves in Christ, he responds (nope, see you guys!) and leaves… hahaha it was pretty funny, like the way he said it, haha. We were also talking with another woman and she said the usual chilean excuse “im suer busy” but sh atleast came to her gate (chileans have gates around their hosues).I asked her what her name is and sheresponds “i dont even remeber my name!” it literally made me stop and look at her for a few seconds. Hahaha i was thinking “wow, what a funny lame excuse!” haha so yeah, ther are some funny chilean excuses to not talk to the missionaries!
bueno, testifico de lo que stephen dijo la ultima semana de la paciencia. La paciencia claramente es un atributo que nosotros necesitamos desarrollar! No solamente nos va a ayudar a que tengamos el espiritu con nosotros, pero tambien nos va a ayudar a ser capaces de vivir en experiencias dificiles. He visto muchas veces tambien cuando he ejercido la paciencia y he preservado el espiritu que nosotros misioneros necesitamos! Testifico de ella en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero! 

Élder Tenney


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