What up familia??? (i think i say that every time!)

hey guys!!!!!!!!!! Well im glad to here all is well back home! hahah all is well here! The weather here is really funky, it like rains in the morning and is FREEZING cold and then is BURNING hot during the day and become FREEZING at night… i dont like it. Estoy chato del tiempo, jajaja
anyways….. well this week has been super good. My comp, Elder Anderson, is progressing super well! IT usually takes a greenie about 2 to 3 weeks to start to get some confidence in the mission and now that hes got the confidence hes really starting to do well. He teaches well in the lessons and has a really good testimony! Soo yeah, things are going well between us! haha
Well, this week has been good and tough at the same time! We have had a lot of good lessons with a lot of new investigators (we have about 10ish people that we are working with right now) and a few of them have fechas (baptismal dates) BUT no one is coming to church! even though they have told us that they would come, none of them have, and this sunday is the last sunday to have a baptism (if they dont go this sunday, they cant get baptized this change) so yeah, we are going to be sorking super hard this week so that we can get them to go to church. jajaja
aparte de eso, yeah my mind play tricks on me with spanish in my head. Like, i cant have a normal conversation in english with latinos. Sometimes they come up to us to speak english and its soooo hard to speak english with them, jajaja but yeah, thats just mission life!
Well, something that ive studied this week that i have really like is obedience. Obviously as a missionary we have to be obedient. But its not just being obedient that counts, but rather why we obey. IF we obey, but we dont want to, it doesnt count. We have to obey por amor, or be cause we love the Lord. If we obey because we want to, it means we have recognized that the rules are here for us to be happy! And when we obey becuase we want to, the Lord rewards us. He wants to bless us, but we must obey. Plus, when we obey por amor, we strive to obey and we are happy to obey. Entonces, esto es algo que he aprendido esta semana y durante mi mision. Se que el Señor nos bendecira por nuestra obediencia.
Bueno, les quiero mucho y testifico de esta obra. A veces las personas no entienden porque necesitamos Jesucristo en nuestras vidas. La razon por la que lo necesitamos es porque nosotros estamos muertos espiritualmente. Tambien lo necesitamos para que resucitemos, pero, sin El, no podemos arrepentirnos y tener el Espiritu con nosotros. La muerte espiritual no solamente es no vivir con Dios, pero no tener su influencia con nosotros tambien, asique para vencer esto, necesitamos el arrepentimiento y el don del Espiritu Santo, los cuales solamente podemos lograr por medio del bautismo y la recepcion del don del Espiritu Santo. Se que es asi, y comparto esto en el nombre de nuestro Salvador, Jesucristo, Amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney


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