4 months already??????

Hey guys!!!! how yall doing? Thanks for writing me mark and Jared, i love you guys too! hahaha im glad to hear all is going well in your work dad! Ill keep praying for you! And how fun you guys ate with the Gomes! Tell them to write me! that would be amazing!
Well, not much this week but ill start with a funny story from last week! So like a week or two weeks ago we had cosechones. Thats where all the missionaries in a zone work in a single ward for like 3 hours. So i was with two other elders (Elder Vargas de Argentina y Elder Flores de Peru) and we had just finished talking with a lady at here fence. While we were talking her dog escaped, a big husky. As we started to walk away, the dog started to bark at us, so Elder Vargas pretends to pick up a rock and chuck it at the dog. Well, the dog makes the most suprised/terrified/hilarious bark noise ever and jumps a fence that was like 5 feet high!!!!!! we were laughing soooo hard!!! easily one of the funniest things to happen on the mission!
Well, this week was super tough. This past sunday was the “make it or break it” sunday to see if we are going to baptize this month. Well, no one came to church….. soooo yeah, weve had a few people tat we have been working with and are progressing and they all gave us the same “im sick” excuse and didnt come to church. So we are going to be giving palos to investigators this week, JUST KIDDING. (ps giving palos is like, reprimanding someone. Palos are like sticks, andthe chilenos say Dar palos). so yeah, we are going to try and read the Book of Mormon with our investigators to help them build their testimony and help them understand the importance of going to church! but yeah, thats the news this week!
Well, we did find a sweet old couple this week! The majority of our sector is old people. But we had a good first lession and the man was like “obviously Jesus came to the Americas” when we talked about 3 nefi in the Book of Mormon! so yeah, we are going to be teaching them!
Bueno, a veces es necesario que nuestra fe sea probada. Por esa razon estamos aqui, para ser probados! Y si, a veces es dificil, pero siempre sera para ayudarnos a ser mejores personas! Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney


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