well, this week has been good! I finally got Stephens package!!! it had a letter from him, another letter, Dads copy of Jesus the Christ, and the WORLDS COOLEST SCRIPTURE CASE!!!!! so yeah, all the other missionaries are jealous of that! haha but yeah, those two letters changed the shape of my mission!
Well, my comp and I have been teaching a few people for a while without much success of their progress. In Stephens leter ( and the other one) it talks about why we give people commitments. It says that we ive them comitments so that they will become converted. The people always feel the spirit when we are around, but the reason we give commitments is so that other feel the spirit when we arent there. If they do the commitments, they are going to recognize that they can have the spirit with them without us being there! Then these people desire these feeling and will desire to be baptized. and its soooo true!!! A few example: Enos, he wasnt converted until he prayed. Alma as well. King Lamoni also prayed and did his commitments and was converted! So my comp and I have been working really hard on extending good commitments and VERIFYING them! So hopefully that will help people progress a little more!
Anoter cool thing is an aweome meeting we had. It was a palo sesh (in chile, they say “dar palos” or give sticks to say repramand, haha) so yeah, we talked about the talk “becoming a consecrated missionary” and it was awesome!!! The thing I am not very good at that i am working really hard to improve is talking with EVERYONE. haha, its kinda weird for me to talk with people in the street, but my comp and I have been working really hard to improve! Its actually way more fun to talk to people in the street! haha so yeah, that was awesome!
Bueno, lamentablamente, no tengo historias chistosas. Pero quiero compartirles algo que aprendi en mis estudios. Eso es la relacion entre poder del espiritu y socerdocio y la pureza, o sea, dignidad. En Heleman 10, dice que Nefi recibio poder porque el Señor sabia que el no iba a hacer algo en contra de la voluntad el Señor. Nosotros tambien podemeos recibir este poder. Tenemos que purificarnos. Tenemos que humillarnos ante del Señor y esforzarnos por hacer Su voluntad. Entonces, El va a confiar en nosotros y nos va a dar mas poder. Testifico de esto. Si nos purificamos, recibiremos mas poder y podremos ayudar a los otros. Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney


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