Whats Better than spending an entire pday in the Registro Civil??

Whats up family!!!!!!!!!!!1 How yall doing??? I hope all is going well!!!1 Happy Dia de accion de gracias this week!!! I will be spending the day in 30 degrees celcius contacting!! Wooo hooo!!!!!
Soo yeah, as the title says ive been doing my visa paperwork all day… i woke up at 5:30 and finished my papers and 2:30….. i love government stuff, its just the best!!
Well, we baptized this past weekend!!!!! My comps first baptism and our investigator asked him to baptize her!!!!! So that was super fun!! Ill be spending pictures soon!!! hahaha
Another cool thing, a missionary just got back from his mission in our ward here in Peñaflor and he knows Jace Webster!!!! haha such a small world at times, thats sooo funny.
Well, this week has been cool!! We had to run around for a few days to finish teaching our investigator and then have an interview and then baptize her. Her dad is kinda against her baptism, but she really wanted to get baptized because she knows that this church is the true church! so yeah, thats awesome!

Well, i have been studying la humildad a lot lately. Its one of the harder atributes to develop. But one thing that I love about humility is that segun predicad mi evangelio its says that la humildad es giving God all the honor for what you achieve, because in reality, He lets us achieve what we actually achieve. Another aspect i love is that in leales a la fe (true to the faith) its says that we must recognize our constant need for God´s divine help with an attitude of THANKFULNESS. Bam, there is a good thanksgiving though for you guys, hahaha, but yeah I really liked that. All too often, especially as misionaries we think, Wow we find 3 nuevos, or we baptized 5 people but in realtiy God helped us achieve these things. And if you think about it more, tiene que ver con la voluntad de Dios. If we do the Will of God, we will achieve more and recognize that He helped us achieve it, and then we will be thankfull for His help!
Testifico de esto. Estoy tratando de aplicar esto dia tras dia para que sea mas humilde. La humildad no es un atributo de los debiles, sino que es un atributo de las personas fuertes espiritualmente. Aprenda la humildad tendran mas paz con sus viad! Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!!

Élder Tenney



Ummmmm, me quede sin temas…….

What up family!!!!!!!!!!?????????? Como les baila? (i love that phrase) hahahaha espero que les haya bailado bien!!! Hahahaha
Bueno, congrats dad with that sweet logo!!!! That was super cool!!!! I hope that work keeps going will for you!!
Congrats mark on getting pulled up to Varsity basketball! Doesnt suprise me one bit! Hahahaha
Jared, im sure you are still taking out the trash like always (thats a fun chilean phrase! Que saquen la mugre) (im not sure how to spell that last word…)
Well, mom i got your letter! That was awesome!! Haha I also got the huge package!!! Ive already read lectures on faith and it BLEW MY MIND!!!!!! it was amazing! Everyone should read it! hahahaha and i loved the goldsifh! Those are perfect for great comp study snacks! hahaha and I LOVED THE SOCKS!!!! Oh how i needed those! haha and the pants rule as well!!!! Thank you sooo much for everything!!!!
anyways, this week has been super good!!!! Our investigator that was going to get baptized wasnt going to be able to go to church on Sunday because of a cousins birthday party. We told her to pray so that she could go (she really wanted too) and what happened? Yeah i walk out of a class with my comp and she comes walking into the chapel!!!! Turns out her cousin broke her wrist and she canceled the party…. So prayers do get answered!!! (tal vez alguen vaya a tener que sufrir un poco para que las oraciones puedan ser contestadas!) so yeah, she is going to get baptized this weekend!!! Woo hoo!!!!
Well, this week has also had a lot of hard days of burning sun where everyone decides to slam doors in our face and we just walk and talk all day without any success, but I did learn a lot those days. I learned that hapiness is truly a choice. Yeah, at times we really dont want to be happy, but if we start thinking “hey i love the mission” or “hey im super happy right now” that will start to makes us happy. If we put a smile on our face, that makes us even happier. Those two things combined with forgetting your own wants and emotions and trying your best to be animado while you contact people, then you will truly be happy as you forget yourself and you try and help others. And if none of the above works, just pray. Ive learned a lot about prayer in the mission.
Prayer literally solves every problem, from fear, to feeling alone, to being tired, to being sad. I cant tell you how many times ive just falling to my knees (or just in my head if im in the street) because i am experiencing emotions and need help. Prayer will always help us. why? The expiacion de Jesucristo. He has felt everything, He knows how we feel. If we ask with faith and then ACT (that is asking with faith, see James 2:14 – 26), He will help us. He is obligated to help us if we do our part (acting on our prayers AND answers). So yeah, just think about how much love He has for you, He is just waiting to help you. All you have to do is ask.
Les dejo con mi testimonio de la expiacon y la oracion. La oracion teiene un poder inexplicable. En capitulo 4 de PME hay una seccion que se llama “Orar con fe” Pongan en practica esa seccion y sus vidas seran diferentes. La oracion nos ayuda a conocer mas a Dios Y nos ayuda a hacer nuestra voluntad se como la de Dios. Tambien, muchos no saben que el poder de la expiacion no solamente sirve para el pecado, pero sirve para cualquier cosa. El Señor ha vivido su vida. El sabe perfectamente lo que necesiten. El quiere ayudarles. Pero a veces nosotros tenemos que pedir por medio de una oracion. Les testifico que la expiacion es real, no lo puedo negar. El amor que tengo por Jesucristo por expiar por mi no puedo explicar, y se que por amor El sufrio por mi! Esto les dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!


Élder Tenney


It’s getting HOT here…

HEY GUYS????????? How is it all going??? Como les va? Espero que les haya ido bien!!! Todo esta encendido! Not really, thank goodness, but there was a fire in our sector this week….. or atleast a lot of smoke……. so yeah…..
anyways, Congrats to the family. How many different projects are you all working on right now? You guys are incredible!! Mark, way to crawl down a manhole, i am very proud of you! Jared, i am yet to read lectures on faith but i really want to!!! Stephen, keep killing it in colomia without getting killed! hahaha and Shoota mom, i hope your hip gets better!
Anyways, this week was awesome!!! So after working for 6 weeks straight without an investigator coming to church, ONE FINALLY CAME!!!!! AND SHE ACCEPTED HER BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! so that was awesome! We also have a few other investigators that are progressing pretty well and have a lot of potencial to be baptized! Plus we have a few other Futuros, or people that we are going to talk too soon that have potencial! So yeah all is going well here!
Well, something that I have truely learned in the mission (something that every missionary must learn) is how to baptize. That term refers to getting people to actualize be baptized. It isnt too hard to find people (at times it sure can be), teaching them with the spirit is more difficult (and teaching them so that they understand, that can be super hard), but actually getting them to accept baptism is a bit harder, but I have slowly learned how to do it! They key is in the commitments we extend. If an investigator is not keeping their commitments, they will never accepts baptism. If they do keep their commitments (and do them with real intent), they will feel the spirit and start progressing towards baptism. They key, however, is something that I learned the hard way. We have to invite them to be baptized. If we dont, they never will. The very first lesson they need to know that our message is repentance of sins through baptism and then following Jesus Christ the rest of your life. Then we have to invite them to be baptized. My comp stopped doing that in the first lesson because the people were not progressing, but we realized our mistake, repented, and started inviting people to get baptized. The reason it is so important is because they will then start thinking about baptism. Now, the next most important thing we can do is invite them to be baptized on a ertain date in the second lesson. If we do not, they will not progress. If we do invite them to be baptized on a certain date, they will then start to work towards that goal (even if they do not know it). So yeah
Testifico de esto. Lo aprendi por medio de la experiencia. Y ahora, estamos viendo mas exito por causa de que nosotros hayamos invitado a las personas a bautizarse. Yo se que esto es lo que Jeasucristo quiere, y que esto es clave en la conversion de una persona! Dejo esto en el nobre de Jesucristo, aen!
Les quiero!!!

Élder Tenney

Trick or Treat!!

Hey guys!!!!!! first off:

Que bueno que todos esten bien!!! Me alegro de que el progreso de la compañia de padre este progresando mucho! Marcos, gracias por escribirme (NOT) thats right, i called you out on my blog. haha Jared espero que todavia este estudiando español! jajaja
Well, this week has been good! I oficially went a whole change without a single investigator coming to church (thats not a good thing) but we have met a few people that really have potential! so we are going to be working with these people!
well, funny stories this week, ummmm none come to mind…. if i think of one, ill tell it! jaja
well, its finally starting to get hot here in Chile! Thats not a good thing because the sun here is POWERFUL! its awful being in the sun, but a lot cooler if you stand in the shade. The worst is when we are contacting someone and facing the sun and we are squinting and cant see anything, jaja good times! 
Well this week i have been studying the first lesson: the restauracion. Im trying to understand the doctrine more so that I can really teach it to the people pwerfully. What I love soo much is the perspective that Preach my Gospel takes, especially when talking about dispensations. It says that because God loves us, he has always called profets. This cycle repeats itself tons of times in the bible. If people understand that, then Jose Smith being a prophet would not suprise them. God loves us, His church was lost, and because He loves us, He called another profet! Lookie that! haha so im going to start teaching this lesson with that perspective to trya nd help people better understand.
Another interesting thing ive notices is the number of times the scriptures say that we are to preach “arrepentimiento” or repentance. If you think about it, its true. We teach people to repent. Lesson 1 describes that only one church has the authorit of God to help you repent. Lesson 2 teaches why you should repent (to return to live with God) and Lesson 3 teaches us how to repent! Lessons 4 is commandments to follow (ones that keep us safe) and Lesson 5 teaches how we can endure to the end! Repentance is SOOOOO important, and ive really started to understand the need we have for repentance. 
El arrepentimiento es algo super importante. Testifico de que por medio del Evangelio de Jesucrist, podemos arrepentirnos y ser limpios. Despues de leer La Perla de Gran Precio, entendi mejor la espectativa de Dios al respecto del pecado y del arrepentimiento. Testifico de que nosotros podemos arrepentirnos gracias a que Jesucristo pago por nuestros pecados, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney