Trick or Treat!!

Hey guys!!!!!! first off:

Que bueno que todos esten bien!!! Me alegro de que el progreso de la compañia de padre este progresando mucho! Marcos, gracias por escribirme (NOT) thats right, i called you out on my blog. haha Jared espero que todavia este estudiando español! jajaja
Well, this week has been good! I oficially went a whole change without a single investigator coming to church (thats not a good thing) but we have met a few people that really have potential! so we are going to be working with these people!
well, funny stories this week, ummmm none come to mind…. if i think of one, ill tell it! jaja
well, its finally starting to get hot here in Chile! Thats not a good thing because the sun here is POWERFUL! its awful being in the sun, but a lot cooler if you stand in the shade. The worst is when we are contacting someone and facing the sun and we are squinting and cant see anything, jaja good times! 
Well this week i have been studying the first lesson: the restauracion. Im trying to understand the doctrine more so that I can really teach it to the people pwerfully. What I love soo much is the perspective that Preach my Gospel takes, especially when talking about dispensations. It says that because God loves us, he has always called profets. This cycle repeats itself tons of times in the bible. If people understand that, then Jose Smith being a prophet would not suprise them. God loves us, His church was lost, and because He loves us, He called another profet! Lookie that! haha so im going to start teaching this lesson with that perspective to trya nd help people better understand.
Another interesting thing ive notices is the number of times the scriptures say that we are to preach “arrepentimiento” or repentance. If you think about it, its true. We teach people to repent. Lesson 1 describes that only one church has the authorit of God to help you repent. Lesson 2 teaches why you should repent (to return to live with God) and Lesson 3 teaches us how to repent! Lessons 4 is commandments to follow (ones that keep us safe) and Lesson 5 teaches how we can endure to the end! Repentance is SOOOOO important, and ive really started to understand the need we have for repentance. 
El arrepentimiento es algo super importante. Testifico de que por medio del Evangelio de Jesucrist, podemos arrepentirnos y ser limpios. Despues de leer La Perla de Gran Precio, entendi mejor la espectativa de Dios al respecto del pecado y del arrepentimiento. Testifico de que nosotros podemos arrepentirnos gracias a que Jesucristo pago por nuestros pecados, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney



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