It’s getting HOT here…

HEY GUYS????????? How is it all going??? Como les va? Espero que les haya ido bien!!! Todo esta encendido! Not really, thank goodness, but there was a fire in our sector this week….. or atleast a lot of smoke……. so yeah…..
anyways, Congrats to the family. How many different projects are you all working on right now? You guys are incredible!! Mark, way to crawl down a manhole, i am very proud of you! Jared, i am yet to read lectures on faith but i really want to!!! Stephen, keep killing it in colomia without getting killed! hahaha and Shoota mom, i hope your hip gets better!
Anyways, this week was awesome!!! So after working for 6 weeks straight without an investigator coming to church, ONE FINALLY CAME!!!!! AND SHE ACCEPTED HER BAPTISMAL DATE!!!! so that was awesome! We also have a few other investigators that are progressing pretty well and have a lot of potencial to be baptized! Plus we have a few other Futuros, or people that we are going to talk too soon that have potencial! So yeah all is going well here!
Well, something that I have truely learned in the mission (something that every missionary must learn) is how to baptize. That term refers to getting people to actualize be baptized. It isnt too hard to find people (at times it sure can be), teaching them with the spirit is more difficult (and teaching them so that they understand, that can be super hard), but actually getting them to accept baptism is a bit harder, but I have slowly learned how to do it! They key is in the commitments we extend. If an investigator is not keeping their commitments, they will never accepts baptism. If they do keep their commitments (and do them with real intent), they will feel the spirit and start progressing towards baptism. They key, however, is something that I learned the hard way. We have to invite them to be baptized. If we dont, they never will. The very first lesson they need to know that our message is repentance of sins through baptism and then following Jesus Christ the rest of your life. Then we have to invite them to be baptized. My comp stopped doing that in the first lesson because the people were not progressing, but we realized our mistake, repented, and started inviting people to get baptized. The reason it is so important is because they will then start thinking about baptism. Now, the next most important thing we can do is invite them to be baptized on a ertain date in the second lesson. If we do not, they will not progress. If we do invite them to be baptized on a certain date, they will then start to work towards that goal (even if they do not know it). So yeah
Testifico de esto. Lo aprendi por medio de la experiencia. Y ahora, estamos viendo mas exito por causa de que nosotros hayamos invitado a las personas a bautizarse. Yo se que esto es lo que Jeasucristo quiere, y que esto es clave en la conversion de una persona! Dejo esto en el nobre de Jesucristo, aen!
Les quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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