Ummmmm, me quede sin temas…….

What up family!!!!!!!!!!?????????? Como les baila? (i love that phrase) hahahaha espero que les haya bailado bien!!! Hahahaha
Bueno, congrats dad with that sweet logo!!!! That was super cool!!!! I hope that work keeps going will for you!!
Congrats mark on getting pulled up to Varsity basketball! Doesnt suprise me one bit! Hahahaha
Jared, im sure you are still taking out the trash like always (thats a fun chilean phrase! Que saquen la mugre) (im not sure how to spell that last word…)
Well, mom i got your letter! That was awesome!! Haha I also got the huge package!!! Ive already read lectures on faith and it BLEW MY MIND!!!!!! it was amazing! Everyone should read it! hahahaha and i loved the goldsifh! Those are perfect for great comp study snacks! hahaha and I LOVED THE SOCKS!!!! Oh how i needed those! haha and the pants rule as well!!!! Thank you sooo much for everything!!!!
anyways, this week has been super good!!!! Our investigator that was going to get baptized wasnt going to be able to go to church on Sunday because of a cousins birthday party. We told her to pray so that she could go (she really wanted too) and what happened? Yeah i walk out of a class with my comp and she comes walking into the chapel!!!! Turns out her cousin broke her wrist and she canceled the party…. So prayers do get answered!!! (tal vez alguen vaya a tener que sufrir un poco para que las oraciones puedan ser contestadas!) so yeah, she is going to get baptized this weekend!!! Woo hoo!!!!
Well, this week has also had a lot of hard days of burning sun where everyone decides to slam doors in our face and we just walk and talk all day without any success, but I did learn a lot those days. I learned that hapiness is truly a choice. Yeah, at times we really dont want to be happy, but if we start thinking “hey i love the mission” or “hey im super happy right now” that will start to makes us happy. If we put a smile on our face, that makes us even happier. Those two things combined with forgetting your own wants and emotions and trying your best to be animado while you contact people, then you will truly be happy as you forget yourself and you try and help others. And if none of the above works, just pray. Ive learned a lot about prayer in the mission.
Prayer literally solves every problem, from fear, to feeling alone, to being tired, to being sad. I cant tell you how many times ive just falling to my knees (or just in my head if im in the street) because i am experiencing emotions and need help. Prayer will always help us. why? The expiacion de Jesucristo. He has felt everything, He knows how we feel. If we ask with faith and then ACT (that is asking with faith, see James 2:14 – 26), He will help us. He is obligated to help us if we do our part (acting on our prayers AND answers). So yeah, just think about how much love He has for you, He is just waiting to help you. All you have to do is ask.
Les dejo con mi testimonio de la expiacon y la oracion. La oracion teiene un poder inexplicable. En capitulo 4 de PME hay una seccion que se llama “Orar con fe” Pongan en practica esa seccion y sus vidas seran diferentes. La oracion nos ayuda a conocer mas a Dios Y nos ayuda a hacer nuestra voluntad se como la de Dios. Tambien, muchos no saben que el poder de la expiacion no solamente sirve para el pecado, pero sirve para cualquier cosa. El Señor ha vivido su vida. El sabe perfectamente lo que necesiten. El quiere ayudarles. Pero a veces nosotros tenemos que pedir por medio de una oracion. Les testifico que la expiacion es real, no lo puedo negar. El amor que tengo por Jesucristo por expiar por mi no puedo explicar, y se que por amor El sufrio por mi! Esto les dejo en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!


Élder Tenney



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