Whats Better than spending an entire pday in the Registro Civil??

Whats up family!!!!!!!!!!!1 How yall doing??? I hope all is going well!!!1 Happy Dia de accion de gracias this week!!! I will be spending the day in 30 degrees celcius contacting!! Wooo hooo!!!!!
Soo yeah, as the title says ive been doing my visa paperwork all day… i woke up at 5:30 and finished my papers and 2:30….. i love government stuff, its just the best!!
Well, we baptized this past weekend!!!!! My comps first baptism and our investigator asked him to baptize her!!!!! So that was super fun!! Ill be spending pictures soon!!! hahaha
Another cool thing, a missionary just got back from his mission in our ward here in Peñaflor and he knows Jace Webster!!!! haha such a small world at times, thats sooo funny.
Well, this week has been cool!! We had to run around for a few days to finish teaching our investigator and then have an interview and then baptize her. Her dad is kinda against her baptism, but she really wanted to get baptized because she knows that this church is the true church! so yeah, thats awesome!

Well, i have been studying la humildad a lot lately. Its one of the harder atributes to develop. But one thing that I love about humility is that segun predicad mi evangelio its says that la humildad es giving God all the honor for what you achieve, because in reality, He lets us achieve what we actually achieve. Another aspect i love is that in leales a la fe (true to the faith) its says that we must recognize our constant need for God´s divine help with an attitude of THANKFULNESS. Bam, there is a good thanksgiving though for you guys, hahaha, but yeah I really liked that. All too often, especially as misionaries we think, Wow we find 3 nuevos, or we baptized 5 people but in realtiy God helped us achieve these things. And if you think about it more, tiene que ver con la voluntad de Dios. If we do the Will of God, we will achieve more and recognize that He helped us achieve it, and then we will be thankfull for His help!
Testifico de esto. Estoy tratando de aplicar esto dia tras dia para que sea mas humilde. La humildad no es un atributo de los debiles, sino que es un atributo de las personas fuertes espiritualmente. Aprenda la humildad tendran mas paz con sus viad! Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!!

Élder Tenney



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