Feliz New Year

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!! How are you all doing???? Im glad you had a great Christmas (i dont even know what you got). Glad to know that my package arrived in time! THe Chilean mail system is actually really good! hahaha
Well, first things first it was amazing to talk to you guys!!!! Man that was fun! Even though Stepohen and I spent most tof the time speaking in spanish it was super fun!!! Hahahahaha so yeah!!

Well, my comp and I have been amazingly blessed! The Last two weeks we have been blessed to find lots of people who want to hear our message! We have a baptism scheduled for this weekend (this investigator has challenges with the word of wisdom, so we are working to help him)! Then we had another investigator come to church as well! Then ther are a lot of people that we have had a frst lesson with and are going to pass by again. So yeah, the Lord has blessed us a ton!!! I am soo greatful for the blessings He gives us!!
So yeah, ummm funny stories…. well like ive said, we have been blessed a lot, but with lots of blessings comes lots of opossition. We have had some really rude rejection where the people left their houses yelling and swearing at us, but hey its worth it! The funniest excuse is we knock on the door and a ghost yells “No hay nadie” (or no one is home) hahaha so i sually say “Gracias fantasma” or “Gracias Nadie!” so yeah, those are always good moments!
Another thing, well this one investigator that came to church (the one without a fecha) has been a lot more happy ever since she began reading the Book of Mormon. I dont know if she has noticed, but I sure have. It just testifies to me that this book is sooooo powerful!!!
Bueno les testifico de que el Libro de Mormon realmente es la palabra de Dios. Este libro testifica del Salvador que nacio. Nosotros recien celebramos ese nacimiento. Gracias a que el nacio, nosotros podemos arrepentirnos de nuestros pecados para que podamos volver a la presencia de nuestro Padre Celestial. El Libro de Mormon testifica de este gran plan de Dios, y les invito a que estudien el Libro de Mormon en vez de solamente leerlo. Si lo hacen, encontraran las paz, felicidad, y testimonio! Les testifico de esto en el nombre sagrado de Jesucristo, amen!
Los quiero mucho!

Élder Tenney


6 Months Already????

HEY GUYS!!!!!! Como les baila????? Espero que la navidad les esten pasando bien!!!! All is well here in Maipu, Chile!!!!! hahaha
So yeah, i got transfered! Im now in the Chile, Olimpo Stake!! Its awesome! Its all city and neighborhoods and families! hahahahaha i love it sooo much!! 
So yeah, my new comp is Elder Cataño from Tulua, Colombia (part of the Zarzal Zone where stphen served!!)!!! So yeah, hes super awesome! He has been in the mission for 3 months and just finished his training! (Hes from the group of the Elder i trained) His trainer went home this last change and was in my first ward! hahaha so yeah, all is well here!!!!
So yeah, weve got a few investigators that are awesome! One of them is a young man that is going to get baptized in january!!! Hes a stud!!!! He is progressing super well and we have seen sooo many milagros with him! He has completely changed and has a growing testimony!!!!
So yeah, this sector is awesome! Its a huge rectangle and there is nothing but houses. Some of the houses are new and rich and the people rarely let us in, but hey, its just part of the mision. The other parts are just pure houses and families!!! Its ridiculous!!! There are soooo many houses in the sector!! (there werent nearly as many in my other sector)!! So yeah, my comp and are trying to find the elect, or we are tryying to not waste time and look for those who will accept us, those who recognize we are servants of the Lord It says that in D&C (im not sure exactly where) so yeah!!! hahaha. We found a family of 4 the other day and we are going to pass by them tomorrow! Woo hoo!!
Another cool thing, Elder Kimball, my trainer, started his mission in this Ward (the other sector)!!! So all of the members know him! hahaha its super cool!!!!! But yeah, there is lots of work to do and i am stocked to do it!!
LEs testifico de que el Señor siempre prepara a las personas, A veces como misioneros pensamos “ya hemos encontrado todas las personas aqui” pero eso es una mentira del diablo. Es solamente una prueba de la Fe. El Señor no nos va a ayudar a estas personas a menos que tengamos la fe necesaria! Asique, como dice nuestro Presidente, hay que trabajar no mas! Hay que tener la fe de que siempre hay personas preparadas para recibirnos! Tambien, como dice en eter 12, nuestra fe tiene una influencia en la vida de las personas tambien! Asique, les testifico de la importancia de la fe en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero!
nos vemos el viernes!

Élder Tenney


Feliz Cambios!!!!

Heeyyyyy guuyyysss!!!!!! How are all doing???? Im glad to hear that everyone is tearing it up in life!!! No te preocupes esteban, hemos tenido que botar investigadores tambien. Aprenda y siga adelante para encontrar los eligidos que reconoceran que son siervos del Señor!
Sooooo yeah, not much this week. My comp and I have been having lots of good lesson. Weve got a few solid investigadores that have lots of potential to be baptized, which is good! hahaha My comp and I have been focusing on helping the investigadores feel the spirit and recognize it so that they can recognize it in the future! So its been going well! haha
So i absolutely love the investiadores that we have and ive been talling everyone that im going to be staying another change and then the changes came…….. so yeah, im leaving this ward. Ive been here or 4 changes, almost 6 months!!!!! I love this ward sooo much!!! I dont know anything about where im going or whose my comp. ill find all of that out tomorrow, so youll know next week!! hahaha so ill be spending the rest of pday saying goodbye!
Well, one thing that ive been trying to do more is change my teaching so that the investigators participate a lot more and so that they have more spiritual experiences. To do these, we ask lots of questions!! HAhaha so that helps them to participate a lot more. To help them feel the spirit, we read the scriptures a lot more (and teach using the scriptures) and we testify a lot more! So yeah, ive definitely seen a big differene and it is super awesome! So im going to keep working to improve my teaching.
Me acuerdo de que esteban dijo alguna vez que a el le encanta ver el entendimiento en la cara de una persona! A mi tambien me encanta ver esto!! Cuando una persona siente el Espiritu y tiene deseos de saber mas y despues llega a saber que estas cosas son verdaderas, no hay nada que sea mejor. El Espiritu siempre me testifica de que estas cosas son verdaderas a medida que yo me esfuerce por tener el Espiritu y enseñar bien! Testifico de que este Evangelio es verdadero y que realmente no brinda paz y felicidad, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero!

Élder Tenney

LAS RATAS y la Navidad!

WHATS UP GUYSSSSSS?????? Como les baila???????? ESpere que les haya bailado bien!!!!! Primeramente, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS JARED!!!!!! 14, man, you are so old!!!!! Way to kill it in bball mark!!! Im glad work is going well Dad!! and mom, sounds like you killed it in the ward party!!

ALrighty, soooooo yes, the past 2 days we have caught 2 rats in our pension (dont worry, we are moving next week!) hahaha so our house is pretty old and bad,,, its one of the worst ones in the mission, but hey, we are never there, jajaja.
So we have been amazingly blessed by the Lord lately! My comp and I have been trying to focus more one our humildad and helping our investigators UNDERSTAND the Gospel and FEEL y RECONOCER the spirit! And man o man!!!! The Lord has helped us find a bunch of people that have TONS of potential!! We even found a family of 5 where the dad said ” yeah, i want you guys to teach my kids good values!” asique vamos a enseñar a toda la familia!!! woo hooo!!! It was a milagro!!!! So yeah all is well!
Sooooooo this is the last week of my fourth change here in this zone, but im 95% sure ill be staying a 5th change, 7 and a half months in one sector! But man i do love this sector!!! I love how even though I have knocked on sooo many houses, we will find people who want to hear the Gospel! People that rejected me before! hahaha The Lord truely is in charge of praparing people! It is such an amazing testimony builder!!!
So yeah, something interesting I have studied this week is in 1 John 4. It talks about how we can permanecer in Gods love! It says that feeling His love is having His spirit! and we must obey to feel His spirit! So yeah, i absolutely loved that! It helped me a lot to make me strive to be even more obedient! Even if it means being a little more audaz! Having the Spirit also helps us love the people so that we can be more bold with them! I just love having the spirit with me!!!!haha
Bueno, les testifico de que el Espiritu de Dios, y el don del Espiritu Santo es un don sagrado. Es un privelegio tener. En Predicad Mi Evangleio, capitulo 1, dice que debemos esforzarnos por disfrtuar de los dones del Espiritu, Que verdad eso es! El Espiritu realmente nos apoya, nos anima, y sella nuestros testimonios. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
see yoo soon en Skype!!

les quiero!!

Élder Tenney


It cant possibly be Diciembre

Hey guys!!!!!!! How are you all doing????? Im glad to hear that you had a great thanksgiving week! We had a meeting on friday and had a thanksgiving lunch, so that was cool! haha
Well, first off, i looked at all the pictures of you guys riding bikes and i thought to myself “why are they wearing so much clothing…. its so hot outside!” and then i realized that im in Chile and you are in Utah….. hahaha so yeah its pretty weird that its suuuper hot here in Chile and its almost Christmas…. haha
Well, this week has been a good week! My comp and I have been working with a few people that are progrssing slowly, but we are going to have faith in them and keep working!
So as i said, we had a capacitacion especial on friday! It was sooo awesome!!!! I learned sooo much. They talked about how to plan more effeciently and be more efficient en general. I loved it sooooo much! They talked a lot about how keeping a good Area Book will not only bring blessings, but will help us be able to plan for the next day more efficiently! So yeah, my comp and I are working hard to be able to apply what we have learned!!
Whew that was scary, the computer just shut off, so i moved to a different one and luckily this email wasnt deleted! whew!
Anyways, one thing Im trying to work on is my abilities to teach, There is a whole chapter in Preach My Gospel that talks about teaching abilities and i am really trying to apply those to help me be a better missionary, one that teaches more powerfully with the spirit, knows how to better help people, and one that knows how to minister. I am also trying to work on being bold but not overbearing. Its tricky to do, especially when you are too bold and it just gets awkward, but those are the moments in which we grow! There is an awesome talk that talks a little bit about this. It is called “Which way do you face?” You should all try and read it!
Pero les testifico de esta obra. He estado tratando de enfocarme en los milagros que veo cada dia. Algo que a mi me encanta es ver la luz y la felicidad que vienen de las personas, especialmente los conversos. Esto me es un testimonio de que estas cosas son verdaderas. La felicidad que esta obra y este Evangelio traen no se puede robar, comprar, ni describir. Viene de obedecer los mandamientos de Dios y arrepentirse! Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!!!

Élder Tenney