It cant possibly be Diciembre

Hey guys!!!!!!! How are you all doing????? Im glad to hear that you had a great thanksgiving week! We had a meeting on friday and had a thanksgiving lunch, so that was cool! haha
Well, first off, i looked at all the pictures of you guys riding bikes and i thought to myself “why are they wearing so much clothing…. its so hot outside!” and then i realized that im in Chile and you are in Utah….. hahaha so yeah its pretty weird that its suuuper hot here in Chile and its almost Christmas…. haha
Well, this week has been a good week! My comp and I have been working with a few people that are progrssing slowly, but we are going to have faith in them and keep working!
So as i said, we had a capacitacion especial on friday! It was sooo awesome!!!! I learned sooo much. They talked about how to plan more effeciently and be more efficient en general. I loved it sooooo much! They talked a lot about how keeping a good Area Book will not only bring blessings, but will help us be able to plan for the next day more efficiently! So yeah, my comp and I are working hard to be able to apply what we have learned!!
Whew that was scary, the computer just shut off, so i moved to a different one and luckily this email wasnt deleted! whew!
Anyways, one thing Im trying to work on is my abilities to teach, There is a whole chapter in Preach My Gospel that talks about teaching abilities and i am really trying to apply those to help me be a better missionary, one that teaches more powerfully with the spirit, knows how to better help people, and one that knows how to minister. I am also trying to work on being bold but not overbearing. Its tricky to do, especially when you are too bold and it just gets awkward, but those are the moments in which we grow! There is an awesome talk that talks a little bit about this. It is called “Which way do you face?” You should all try and read it!
Pero les testifico de esta obra. He estado tratando de enfocarme en los milagros que veo cada dia. Algo que a mi me encanta es ver la luz y la felicidad que vienen de las personas, especialmente los conversos. Esto me es un testimonio de que estas cosas son verdaderas. La felicidad que esta obra y este Evangelio traen no se puede robar, comprar, ni describir. Viene de obedecer los mandamientos de Dios y arrepentirse! Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Les quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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