LAS RATAS y la Navidad!

WHATS UP GUYSSSSSS?????? Como les baila???????? ESpere que les haya bailado bien!!!!! Primeramente, FELIZ CUMPLEAÑOS JARED!!!!!! 14, man, you are so old!!!!! Way to kill it in bball mark!!! Im glad work is going well Dad!! and mom, sounds like you killed it in the ward party!!

ALrighty, soooooo yes, the past 2 days we have caught 2 rats in our pension (dont worry, we are moving next week!) hahaha so our house is pretty old and bad,,, its one of the worst ones in the mission, but hey, we are never there, jajaja.
So we have been amazingly blessed by the Lord lately! My comp and I have been trying to focus more one our humildad and helping our investigators UNDERSTAND the Gospel and FEEL y RECONOCER the spirit! And man o man!!!! The Lord has helped us find a bunch of people that have TONS of potential!! We even found a family of 5 where the dad said ” yeah, i want you guys to teach my kids good values!” asique vamos a enseñar a toda la familia!!! woo hooo!!! It was a milagro!!!! So yeah all is well!
Sooooooo this is the last week of my fourth change here in this zone, but im 95% sure ill be staying a 5th change, 7 and a half months in one sector! But man i do love this sector!!! I love how even though I have knocked on sooo many houses, we will find people who want to hear the Gospel! People that rejected me before! hahaha The Lord truely is in charge of praparing people! It is such an amazing testimony builder!!!
So yeah, something interesting I have studied this week is in 1 John 4. It talks about how we can permanecer in Gods love! It says that feeling His love is having His spirit! and we must obey to feel His spirit! So yeah, i absolutely loved that! It helped me a lot to make me strive to be even more obedient! Even if it means being a little more audaz! Having the Spirit also helps us love the people so that we can be more bold with them! I just love having the spirit with me!!!!haha
Bueno, les testifico de que el Espiritu de Dios, y el don del Espiritu Santo es un don sagrado. Es un privelegio tener. En Predicad Mi Evangleio, capitulo 1, dice que debemos esforzarnos por disfrtuar de los dones del Espiritu, Que verdad eso es! El Espiritu realmente nos apoya, nos anima, y sella nuestros testimonios. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
see yoo soon en Skype!!

les quiero!!

Élder Tenney



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