6 Months Already????

HEY GUYS!!!!!! Como les baila????? Espero que la navidad les esten pasando bien!!!! All is well here in Maipu, Chile!!!!! hahaha
So yeah, i got transfered! Im now in the Chile, Olimpo Stake!! Its awesome! Its all city and neighborhoods and families! hahahahaha i love it sooo much!! 
So yeah, my new comp is Elder Cataño from Tulua, Colombia (part of the Zarzal Zone where stphen served!!)!!! So yeah, hes super awesome! He has been in the mission for 3 months and just finished his training! (Hes from the group of the Elder i trained) His trainer went home this last change and was in my first ward! hahaha so yeah, all is well here!!!!
So yeah, weve got a few investigators that are awesome! One of them is a young man that is going to get baptized in january!!! Hes a stud!!!! He is progressing super well and we have seen sooo many milagros with him! He has completely changed and has a growing testimony!!!!
So yeah, this sector is awesome! Its a huge rectangle and there is nothing but houses. Some of the houses are new and rich and the people rarely let us in, but hey, its just part of the mision. The other parts are just pure houses and families!!! Its ridiculous!!! There are soooo many houses in the sector!! (there werent nearly as many in my other sector)!! So yeah, my comp and are trying to find the elect, or we are tryying to not waste time and look for those who will accept us, those who recognize we are servants of the Lord It says that in D&C (im not sure exactly where) so yeah!!! hahaha. We found a family of 4 the other day and we are going to pass by them tomorrow! Woo hoo!!
Another cool thing, Elder Kimball, my trainer, started his mission in this Ward (the other sector)!!! So all of the members know him! hahaha its super cool!!!!! But yeah, there is lots of work to do and i am stocked to do it!!
LEs testifico de que el Señor siempre prepara a las personas, A veces como misioneros pensamos “ya hemos encontrado todas las personas aqui” pero eso es una mentira del diablo. Es solamente una prueba de la Fe. El Señor no nos va a ayudar a estas personas a menos que tengamos la fe necesaria! Asique, como dice nuestro Presidente, hay que trabajar no mas! Hay que tener la fe de que siempre hay personas preparadas para recibirnos! Tambien, como dice en eter 12, nuestra fe tiene una influencia en la vida de las personas tambien! Asique, les testifico de la importancia de la fe en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
les quiero!
nos vemos el viernes!

Élder Tenney



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