Feliz New Year

HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!! How are you all doing???? Im glad you had a great Christmas (i dont even know what you got). Glad to know that my package arrived in time! THe Chilean mail system is actually really good! hahaha
Well, first things first it was amazing to talk to you guys!!!! Man that was fun! Even though Stepohen and I spent most tof the time speaking in spanish it was super fun!!! Hahahahaha so yeah!!

Well, my comp and I have been amazingly blessed! The Last two weeks we have been blessed to find lots of people who want to hear our message! We have a baptism scheduled for this weekend (this investigator has challenges with the word of wisdom, so we are working to help him)! Then we had another investigator come to church as well! Then ther are a lot of people that we have had a frst lesson with and are going to pass by again. So yeah, the Lord has blessed us a ton!!! I am soo greatful for the blessings He gives us!!
So yeah, ummm funny stories…. well like ive said, we have been blessed a lot, but with lots of blessings comes lots of opossition. We have had some really rude rejection where the people left their houses yelling and swearing at us, but hey its worth it! The funniest excuse is we knock on the door and a ghost yells “No hay nadie” (or no one is home) hahaha so i sually say “Gracias fantasma” or “Gracias Nadie!” so yeah, those are always good moments!
Another thing, well this one investigator that came to church (the one without a fecha) has been a lot more happy ever since she began reading the Book of Mormon. I dont know if she has noticed, but I sure have. It just testifies to me that this book is sooooo powerful!!!
Bueno les testifico de que el Libro de Mormon realmente es la palabra de Dios. Este libro testifica del Salvador que nacio. Nosotros recien celebramos ese nacimiento. Gracias a que el nacio, nosotros podemos arrepentirnos de nuestros pecados para que podamos volver a la presencia de nuestro Padre Celestial. El Libro de Mormon testifica de este gran plan de Dios, y les invito a que estudien el Libro de Mormon en vez de solamente leerlo. Si lo hacen, encontraran las paz, felicidad, y testimonio! Les testifico de esto en el nombre sagrado de Jesucristo, amen!
Los quiero mucho!

Élder Tenney


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