Feliz Año!!!!! Ya ha llegado 2016?

FAMILIA!!!!! Como estan??? FELIZ AÑO!!!! Espero que esten muy bien!! Todo esta muy bien aca en chile! El tiempo ha sido muy raro….. 
well, im glad you guys had a good christmas break!! I cant believe that christmas break has already ended for you guys… the last few weeks have absolutely FLOWN bye….. but im glad you all had a good time skiing! MArk, it looks like youve got an awesome new parca!! And im glad to hear you didnt burn the house down with fireworks….
so yeah, i dont really know what happened here for new years. There arent any public fireworks in Chile… and EVERYBODY goes to the beach, so there werent too many people outside, haha. So yeah, but wow, i cant believe its already 2016……
anyways, well we had a baptism planned for this last week and it fell through… so that is dissapointing, BUT this week we have a super awesome baptism! This investigator had been praying to find a church and then we passed by her house and talked to here, like what the mircale! So she is progressing super well! She lives with her parents and so we are starting to work with the parents to baptize them too (the whole family is baptizable) haha. So yeah that is super awesome! 
We have also been very blessed the last few weeks and a lot of people have let us in their houses to share a message. Butttttttt its been hard to pass by them again, so we are working on following up to help them feel the spirit and come unto Christ!
Alrighty, so one attribute of Christ i am trying to work on is hope. Because in this sector (its a little richer) there arent many people during the day, and there are a lot of rude rejections too…. so im really trying to be happy and positive during the rejection and having faith that there is ALWAYS someone to find, someone to teach, someone to help! So yeah, I invite you all to do that as well!
Also today i read in the March 2015 liahona about how to be a better missionary in normal day life. The biggest regret I have is not having shared the Gospel with my friends before the mission. I had a lot that totally could have acceted the Gospel and I never really shared it with them… so yeah, read that and apply it!!!!!!!!!!!!
Pero quiero dejarles con mi testimonio de este gran obra. Se que el Señor necesita nuestra ayuda para que podamos traer Sus hijos a El nuevamente. Se que la Iglesia se restauro y que podemos recibir bendiciones y tener vidas mejores por medio del Evangelio de Jesucristo. Busquen las bendicions y las encontraran. Este Evangelio nos trae paz y felicidad, y comparto este testimonio con ustedes en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Los quiero mucho!!!

Élder Tenney


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