Changes in the mission!

What?????? its monday and im writing you guys???????? HAHAHA yeah thas write, well the Lord is hastening his work and made changes in every mission in the world, so pday is back to monday! hahaha so yeah, besides that, there are no more changes meetings (in our mission, it was small enough to have changes meetings, but now there are no changes meetings) and we are not allowed to say goodbye to members. So yeah, a little sad but the Lord is truly hastening His great and glorious work!!
So yeah, WE HAD A BAPTISM!!!! Ahhh man it was soooo awesome! I was super excited because its my comps first baptism (this is his 3rd change)!!!! So yeah, our investigator had been praying to find a church to be baptised and then we met her and she got baptized!!! And now we are going to work with her parents to help them too!!! Her whole family believes in Christ (although their exact beliefs are a little off from the truth) but they have noticed a HUGE difference in their daughter and we are praying that they too will accept this great Gospel!!
So something that i was thinking about that finally hit me is the fact that this Gospel truely brings hapiness into our lives. HAving been born into this Gospel, i grew up with this hapiness, but being a missionary, Ive seen just how happy this Gospel makes people. It is truly the Plan of Hapiness. And it makes me really sad when we knock on a door and tell people that we have a message of the Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ and they are rude to us. I know that if the people just let us in and kept their commitments they would be happier beyond belief! So yeah, super interesting thought i had!
I also had an wesome time studying Alma 42 in depth this week!!! It just made me realize how perfect the plan is that God has for us. Like, it just makes sennse reading that chapter. Plus it really makes me feel the love of God in my life, to know that He loves me so much that He gave His Son for us.
Quiero dejarles con mi firme testimonio de que esta iglesia es la única iglesia verdadera de Jesucristo. Sé que el Evangelio de Jesucristo es la única manera en que nosotros podemos tener paz y felicidad verdaderas, aunque estemos pasando por momentos difíciles. Sé que Jesucristo sufrió por no solamente nuestros pecados, pero también por cualquier otra cosa que experimentemos. Si pedimos con fe, Él nos ayudará! Dejo esto en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero mucho!

Élder Tenney


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