HEY GUYS!!!!!! How are you all doing?? I hope all is well!!!! Dad, i would give anything so that winter came to Chile! hahaha i miss the cold! Mom, wish i could help with the website, but sorry! Mark, way to go on a date! Hahaha that is a super clever way to ask! And Jared, i love yoyos!! Youll have to send me a video with the tricks!
 Well, it has been a great week! The parents of our recent convert got baptized this past week!! So yeah, that is super awesome!! It was soooo amazing! The Lord has really blessed my comp and I a lot! So yeah, we have changes this week and we are staying together for another change!! Its been super fun being with him!!!!
So yeah, well this week i have really been trying to focus on being more positive! Because here in Chile, EVERYONE takes a month long vacation to go to the beach…. so there arent too many people here and we we find new investigators and ask when we can pass by again they say “it will have to be in march when we get back from vacation…..” so yeah…… hahaha but one thing I have learned in the mission is that there are ALWAYS investigators to be found and baptized. If we dont baptize, then the will of the Lord is different, but there are ALWAYS people to be found. It ways so in the scriptures (in Alma) that angels are preparing people to recieve us! So that is supr awesome!
Well, i dont have much time, pero quiero testificarles del gran don de Dios que se llama el Espíritu Santo. El nos ama tano que nos dio Su Espíritu para que esté con nosotros. Es un amigo, una guía, nos consuela, y testifica de la verdad! Trato de tener el Espíritu conmigo todo el tiempo porque la vida es mejor cuando tenemos el Espíritu! Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Los quiero mucho!

Élder Tenney


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