NO, no, no its already monday????

HEY GUESS, whopops, GUYS…. yeah like sydney, o Hermana Richards dijo, my inglish is bery vad…… here in chile the b and v sound are always mixed or the same. There is no diference in saying vamos or bamos…. da igual… hahahaha
Bueno parce, como te ha ido en colombia? vos sos un buen ejemplo mio!!!

MArcos, que sigas adelante (no me escribiste)

Jared, epa!!! Arregla mi tablet y utlizálo!

And mom and dad, thanks for being amazing parents and raising me sooo well, every missionary realizes that when they are in the mission. you guys rule!!!
YEah, well el tiempo me esta acabando…. asi que disculpen si este correo es mas fome que ocho….. 
well, it has been a great week!!! We have a noche blanca in the zone this weekend!!! (there are lik 15 baptisms in the zone…. that never happens, the Lord is blessing us soooo much). So yeah, haha lots of blessings from the Lord!
Ummmmm here is a super funny story. I was on divions with an elder from my group and we were contacting. We knocked (yelled from a fence) and someday inside yelled “no hay nadie” or “no one is here” haha so i yelled back in a gringo accent “no entender” and a woman came out of the house.The elder from my group and i started speaking horrible spanish in gringo accents (he is from ecuador but has an AMAZING gringo accent in spanish) and we were like “No entender” “ser misionero” “poder pasar compartir Jesus Christ” And the poor lady triend to explain that she want interested in hearing a message (the expression on her face was soooo funny!!) and we just looked at her with confused faces and said “regalo tarjeta de JEsucristo” and she was like “ok, chao” hahahaha so yeah, that was super funny! We left that contact just laughing on heads off….. the stupid things we do as missionaries…. hahahaha
But another thing that i have learned this week is the satisfaccion of hard work. I was on divisions with my zone leader and he showed me a few ways how i could work even harder than i already did! So i have been applying that and i am just sooo happy during the day just working as hard as i can talking to people and inviting them to hear the message of the restored gospel and inviting them to be baptized and talking to everyone and yelling from fences and smiling and laughing and the mission is just sooooooo amazing! Sorry mom and dad, but i dont want to go home…. regular life is lame, hahaha but like i said to Jared, my motivate is my love for God. Like it says in the bible in John 15, si permanecemos en Dios, el permanece en nosotros (i dont know how to say that in english… sorry) and that means that if we work harder to show more love for Him, He will give us more of His love and that love makes us feel better and want to work harder and then we feel more love and its just an amazing thing to feel this love of God and serve Him.
Les testifico del amor de Dios, un amor que no entendemos por lo sentimos. Estoy agradecido por el conocimiento de que Dios me conoce y me ama. Le amo a Él también y sé que solamente mi obediencia y mi diligencia le demuestran mi amor por Él. Busquen Su amor. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


Ya Es Pday!!!!!

ITS ALREADY PDAY????? BUT IT WAS PDAY YESTERDAY??????? man o man time is passing by fast!!! But hey, im glad you guys are using all of my ski gear and are shredder up the trails!!! dont worry, ill do plenty of cliff jumps when i get back, haha
Well, today was awesome, first off I GOT TO SEE SYDNEY!!!!!! So yeah, i went to the CCM today and ate lunch with her!!! A member in my ward works in the CCM and arranged a time so i could eat lunch with her! So that was awesome! She is doing amazing!
Well, this week was one for of faith building experiences! I have really tried to focus on being a more pure person, in other words, focusing on spiritual things! Its SSSUUUPPPEERRR hard (especially after contacting a whole street without getting in a single door). Why? Well to be better missionaries we need to be more pure. Think of it like a glass of water with a laser passing through the water. If the water isnt pure, the laser cannot pass. If we are not pure, we cannot have the spirit with us. Plus in DyC seccion 50 it says that if we are pure, we can ask something of the Lord and we will recieve it. So we ALL need to be pure. 
So yeah, my comp and I have really tried to improve our planning. We plan well, we analyze the needs of our investigators, we set goals with people in mind, but we never reach all of our goals. So this week we revamped our nightly planning to focus on how we are going to achieve our weekly goals. We did lots of verification every night, we planned well, and saturday we passed by EVERYONE and called EVERYONE and no one came to church, except our fecha…… so yeah, but one thing ive learned in the mission is that if we get frustrated, we are going agaisnt Gods will. In DyC 3:3 (i think) it says that Gods work is not frustrated, but mens work is frustrated. So, although i was bummed out that nobody came, i stay positive knowing that it was Gods will. It is a super hard perspective to have and develop, but it is worth it.
So yeah, last thing, my favorite topic of all in the Gospel: Repentance. Dad told me how he had been studying repentance, so i wrote him a little. Repentance is soooo amazing. Just the fact that Heavenly Father gave us a way to change and be more like Him!!! Its amazing! There are tons of scriptures about repentance. Repentance is changing our thoughts, actions, words, and beliefs so that they are in harmony with the teachings of Jesus. Nothing makes me happier than seeing myself and others change to be more like Christ. Its not easy, but it is worth it. 
El arrepentimiento es un don de Dios. Estoy muy agradecido por la oportunidad que tenemos de arrepentirnos. Estoy agradecido por mi oportunidad de ayudar a otros a arrepentirse. En Moroni 8 leemos “y las premicias del arrepentimiento es el bautismo” Cuando una persona entra al agua, esa personas estan arrepentiendose y yo estoy feliz, ellas estan felices, y Dios esta feliz. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucrist, amen!
Los quiero mucho!

Élder Tenney

Por fin!!!! El invierno se está acercando!!!!

Heyyyyyy guuuyyyyyyyyssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Cómo les ha ido? Marcos, que bueno que fuiste al winter formal con una jovencita bonita! JAJAJa y Jared todavía estoy esperando eso video con tu yoyo!!! Padre, estoy feliz por que todo te esté yendo bien!! Y Madre, que bueno que tu cadera esté mejorando!!! 
Wow, so you you are going to have to use google translate to know what all of that means (stephen wont have to, jaja) so yeah all is super well here in chile!!! Its finally starting to cool off, which is nice because im not a fan of the heat (sí esteban, sé que has estado en un verano eterno, jaja) but yea, so all is well!
Well, the chileans should be returning from there vcations in the next couple of weeks! That will be awesome! ALL of chile is gone for January and February (i can still spell that) so it will be fun to be able to talk to lots of people!!! We have had a lot of awesome investigators go on vacation, so that is kinda dissapointing…. but its all good, there are ALWAYS people to be found and baptized! hahaha
So yeah, another awesome thing is that a member brought a firnd to church abnot a month ago. She told us she lived on a certain street and according to our maps in the pension, it is not our zone, but we talked to the bishopric and they showed us the map and she lives in our sector! She has already been to church and is reading the Book of Mormon so all we have to do is help her repent and be baptized! Such a huge mircle from the Lord, and I know that He gave us that miracle for our obedience, faith, and diligence!!
Another super interestng thing that I have been studying is purity. Our zone leaders are huge about that subject because it is truly soooo important as a missionary. 3 Nefi 12:8 says that those of a pure heart will see God, and not just Him, but will see His influence. There is a scripture in DyC that says that if we are pure, we only have to ask and God will give it to us. So being purer missionaries will help us be more effective missionaries!
another super interesting thing that I have been studying is grace. It is incredible. The more i study the Gospel, the more i come to know that this plan is soooooo perfect!!!!!!! Everythng about this Gospel serves for a purpose to help us become more like God so that we can return to His presence. I love Eter 12:27, DyC 17:8 (i think) and 2 Corintios 12:9 (i think) that all say that grace is sufficient. It is sufficient to change us, it is sufficient to sanctify us, it is sufficient to purify us. The hymn Amazing Grace truly says it. Grace is amazing! I also love the Hymn Come Come ye saints. It says something along the lines of “grace shall be as your day” or in other words, we can always count on grace!!!
Quiero dejarles con mi testimonio de que la gracia es suficiente. Nos cambiará si nosotros nos humillamos ante el Señor y si tenemos fe en Él. Si lo hacemos, nuestras debilidades serán fuertes! Podemos lograr cualquier desafío si nos humillamos ante el Señor y si tenemos fe en Él. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney

Two Richards in Chile!

WHAT UP FAMILY??????? Como le va la vida?? Espero que les haya bailado bien!!!! (thats a total chilean frase) hahahaha man o man the life here in Chile is just too good (aND HOT) but wooooow!!!
Like it says in the title, There are now TWO Richards in Chile!!!!! I already feel a difference!!!! Hahaha congratulations Syd for making it though the flight and customs! I hope the Chilean member with a moustache picked you up! He is super buena onda! Dad, I totally know the missionary! Stephen, have fun opening up that sector! I hope the investigators are doing well! MArk and JAred, im glad to hear all is well! And Mom, im glad to hear the the hip is doing bettter (almost spelled that with an u… duing) hahaha
Yeah well i was just thinking about life the other day and how AMAZING my life is!! I have the BEST job in the world! I GET to testify of Christ to everyone and invite EVERYONE to be baptized so they can be more blessed! Its really sad when the reject the invitation, but that just means there are even MORE prepared peoplr! Also its amazing because i have lived in Chile for 8 months, am fluent in spanish, and have contact with gringos for like 3 hours a week!! HAHAHA i just love being with latinos! They are sooo funny!!!
hey funny thing about english. I speak english with my comp in the house and sometimes i have to ask him how to say stuff in english…. he always laughs at me and says “im suposed to be teaching you spanish and you are supposed to be teaching me english” hahaha ohhhh its fun to learn a language… haha
Well now a more spiritual note, my comp and I are really trying to get better and teaching the retauracion! Because in our mission, our INCREDIBLE president made the rule that in order for someone to count as a new investigar, we have to invite them to be baptized (we invite everyone to be baptized a certain date, even in the street!) and so we are trying to get better at our Aptitides Didácticas (i dont know how to say that in english) so that the people understand the need to get baptized AGAIN (because EVERYONE in Chile has been baptized by that catholic church) by the PROPER authority so that they can be more blessed and have better lives…. sometimes they just dont understand and its really frustaing. We are like “this message will bless you beyond belief” and they say “thank you” and we ask “can we share it with you?” and they say “no” and we say “do you want more blessings” and they say “yes” and we ask to share it again and they say no….. but oh well, its just a trial of faith until we find the person that has been prepared by the Lord ( because there are ALWAYS prepared people by the Lord) but yeah….. so there is the Dilema of the mission. We are going to testify more, ask more questions so we know how much they understand, use the scriptures more and be direct and bold (there is a correlaion among boldness/directness and the spirit if you do it right) so yeah….
ANother super interesting spiritual thing I have been studying is grace. Grace is AMAZING!!!!! I read an INCREDIBLE article by Brad Wilcox about it the other day (he gave it at BYU in July 2011, look it up) and it really helped change how i think about life and the mission and everything in general.
Les testifico que la gracia es la que nos ayuda a que tengamos ánimo y esperanza en la vida. Todo nosotros somos imperfectos, pero por eso tenemos la gracia. En la GEE de las escrituras, se define la gracia como un poder que recibimos después de ejercer la fe, arrepentirnos, y ESFORZARNOS por hacer LO POSIBLE. No tenemos que ser perfectos, solamente tenemos que dar lo que podamos. Con esta mentalidad podemos afrentar cualquier desafío y tener ánimo y fe y esperanza a la vez. Comparto este testimonio en el sagrado nombre de quien nos hizo posible todo, Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero

Élder Tenney