Two Richards in Chile!

WHAT UP FAMILY??????? Como le va la vida?? Espero que les haya bailado bien!!!! (thats a total chilean frase) hahahaha man o man the life here in Chile is just too good (aND HOT) but wooooow!!!
Like it says in the title, There are now TWO Richards in Chile!!!!! I already feel a difference!!!! Hahaha congratulations Syd for making it though the flight and customs! I hope the Chilean member with a moustache picked you up! He is super buena onda! Dad, I totally know the missionary! Stephen, have fun opening up that sector! I hope the investigators are doing well! MArk and JAred, im glad to hear all is well! And Mom, im glad to hear the the hip is doing bettter (almost spelled that with an u… duing) hahaha
Yeah well i was just thinking about life the other day and how AMAZING my life is!! I have the BEST job in the world! I GET to testify of Christ to everyone and invite EVERYONE to be baptized so they can be more blessed! Its really sad when the reject the invitation, but that just means there are even MORE prepared peoplr! Also its amazing because i have lived in Chile for 8 months, am fluent in spanish, and have contact with gringos for like 3 hours a week!! HAHAHA i just love being with latinos! They are sooo funny!!!
hey funny thing about english. I speak english with my comp in the house and sometimes i have to ask him how to say stuff in english…. he always laughs at me and says “im suposed to be teaching you spanish and you are supposed to be teaching me english” hahaha ohhhh its fun to learn a language… haha
Well now a more spiritual note, my comp and I are really trying to get better and teaching the retauracion! Because in our mission, our INCREDIBLE president made the rule that in order for someone to count as a new investigar, we have to invite them to be baptized (we invite everyone to be baptized a certain date, even in the street!) and so we are trying to get better at our Aptitides Didácticas (i dont know how to say that in english) so that the people understand the need to get baptized AGAIN (because EVERYONE in Chile has been baptized by that catholic church) by the PROPER authority so that they can be more blessed and have better lives…. sometimes they just dont understand and its really frustaing. We are like “this message will bless you beyond belief” and they say “thank you” and we ask “can we share it with you?” and they say “no” and we say “do you want more blessings” and they say “yes” and we ask to share it again and they say no….. but oh well, its just a trial of faith until we find the person that has been prepared by the Lord ( because there are ALWAYS prepared people by the Lord) but yeah….. so there is the Dilema of the mission. We are going to testify more, ask more questions so we know how much they understand, use the scriptures more and be direct and bold (there is a correlaion among boldness/directness and the spirit if you do it right) so yeah….
ANother super interesting spiritual thing I have been studying is grace. Grace is AMAZING!!!!! I read an INCREDIBLE article by Brad Wilcox about it the other day (he gave it at BYU in July 2011, look it up) and it really helped change how i think about life and the mission and everything in general.
Les testifico que la gracia es la que nos ayuda a que tengamos ánimo y esperanza en la vida. Todo nosotros somos imperfectos, pero por eso tenemos la gracia. En la GEE de las escrituras, se define la gracia como un poder que recibimos después de ejercer la fe, arrepentirnos, y ESFORZARNOS por hacer LO POSIBLE. No tenemos que ser perfectos, solamente tenemos que dar lo que podamos. Con esta mentalidad podemos afrentar cualquier desafío y tener ánimo y fe y esperanza a la vez. Comparto este testimonio en el sagrado nombre de quien nos hizo posible todo, Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero

Élder Tenney


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