Por fin!!!! El invierno se está acercando!!!!

Heyyyyyy guuuyyyyyyyyssssssss!!!!!!!!!!!! Cómo les ha ido? Marcos, que bueno que fuiste al winter formal con una jovencita bonita! JAJAJa y Jared todavía estoy esperando eso video con tu yoyo!!! Padre, estoy feliz por que todo te esté yendo bien!! Y Madre, que bueno que tu cadera esté mejorando!!! 
Wow, so you you are going to have to use google translate to know what all of that means (stephen wont have to, jaja) so yeah all is super well here in chile!!! Its finally starting to cool off, which is nice because im not a fan of the heat (sí esteban, sé que has estado en un verano eterno, jaja) but yea, so all is well!
Well, the chileans should be returning from there vcations in the next couple of weeks! That will be awesome! ALL of chile is gone for January and February (i can still spell that) so it will be fun to be able to talk to lots of people!!! We have had a lot of awesome investigators go on vacation, so that is kinda dissapointing…. but its all good, there are ALWAYS people to be found and baptized! hahaha
So yeah, another awesome thing is that a member brought a firnd to church abnot a month ago. She told us she lived on a certain street and according to our maps in the pension, it is not our zone, but we talked to the bishopric and they showed us the map and she lives in our sector! She has already been to church and is reading the Book of Mormon so all we have to do is help her repent and be baptized! Such a huge mircle from the Lord, and I know that He gave us that miracle for our obedience, faith, and diligence!!
Another super interestng thing that I have been studying is purity. Our zone leaders are huge about that subject because it is truly soooo important as a missionary. 3 Nefi 12:8 says that those of a pure heart will see God, and not just Him, but will see His influence. There is a scripture in DyC that says that if we are pure, we only have to ask and God will give it to us. So being purer missionaries will help us be more effective missionaries!
another super interesting thing that I have been studying is grace. It is incredible. The more i study the Gospel, the more i come to know that this plan is soooooo perfect!!!!!!! Everythng about this Gospel serves for a purpose to help us become more like God so that we can return to His presence. I love Eter 12:27, DyC 17:8 (i think) and 2 Corintios 12:9 (i think) that all say that grace is sufficient. It is sufficient to change us, it is sufficient to sanctify us, it is sufficient to purify us. The hymn Amazing Grace truly says it. Grace is amazing! I also love the Hymn Come Come ye saints. It says something along the lines of “grace shall be as your day” or in other words, we can always count on grace!!!
Quiero dejarles con mi testimonio de que la gracia es suficiente. Nos cambiará si nosotros nos humillamos ante el Señor y si tenemos fe en Él. Si lo hacemos, nuestras debilidades serán fuertes! Podemos lograr cualquier desafío si nos humillamos ante el Señor y si tenemos fe en Él. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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