NO, no, no its already monday????

HEY GUESS, whopops, GUYS…. yeah like sydney, o Hermana Richards dijo, my inglish is bery vad…… here in chile the b and v sound are always mixed or the same. There is no diference in saying vamos or bamos…. da igual… hahahaha
Bueno parce, como te ha ido en colombia? vos sos un buen ejemplo mio!!!

MArcos, que sigas adelante (no me escribiste)

Jared, epa!!! Arregla mi tablet y utlizálo!

And mom and dad, thanks for being amazing parents and raising me sooo well, every missionary realizes that when they are in the mission. you guys rule!!!
YEah, well el tiempo me esta acabando…. asi que disculpen si este correo es mas fome que ocho….. 
well, it has been a great week!!! We have a noche blanca in the zone this weekend!!! (there are lik 15 baptisms in the zone…. that never happens, the Lord is blessing us soooo much). So yeah, haha lots of blessings from the Lord!
Ummmmm here is a super funny story. I was on divions with an elder from my group and we were contacting. We knocked (yelled from a fence) and someday inside yelled “no hay nadie” or “no one is here” haha so i yelled back in a gringo accent “no entender” and a woman came out of the house.The elder from my group and i started speaking horrible spanish in gringo accents (he is from ecuador but has an AMAZING gringo accent in spanish) and we were like “No entender” “ser misionero” “poder pasar compartir Jesus Christ” And the poor lady triend to explain that she want interested in hearing a message (the expression on her face was soooo funny!!) and we just looked at her with confused faces and said “regalo tarjeta de JEsucristo” and she was like “ok, chao” hahahaha so yeah, that was super funny! We left that contact just laughing on heads off….. the stupid things we do as missionaries…. hahahaha
But another thing that i have learned this week is the satisfaccion of hard work. I was on divisions with my zone leader and he showed me a few ways how i could work even harder than i already did! So i have been applying that and i am just sooo happy during the day just working as hard as i can talking to people and inviting them to hear the message of the restored gospel and inviting them to be baptized and talking to everyone and yelling from fences and smiling and laughing and the mission is just sooooooo amazing! Sorry mom and dad, but i dont want to go home…. regular life is lame, hahaha but like i said to Jared, my motivate is my love for God. Like it says in the bible in John 15, si permanecemos en Dios, el permanece en nosotros (i dont know how to say that in english… sorry) and that means that if we work harder to show more love for Him, He will give us more of His love and that love makes us feel better and want to work harder and then we feel more love and its just an amazing thing to feel this love of God and serve Him.
Les testifico del amor de Dios, un amor que no entendemos por lo sentimos. Estoy agradecido por el conocimiento de que Dios me conoce y me ama. Le amo a Él también y sé que solamente mi obediencia y mi diligencia le demuestran mi amor por Él. Busquen Su amor. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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