Semana de MILAGROS!!!!!

Hola hola!!!!!Como están!!! Espero que todo esté bien en California! No sé nada de lo que está pasando! jajaja
Well, it sounds like you guys had a great week at the tennis tournament! I still havent played tennis yet here in chile, ive only seen like 3 courts in all my time here (which is passing bye too fast). I hope you guys have awesome plans for spring break!!!
Well, like the title says, this week was full of milagros, más o menos. So we had changes monday and i arrived with my new copm to the sector. We ddnt have nearly the success i had with my other comp the whole week. The zone is really pushing to baptize a lot moew this week, and no one came to church even though we had called everyone and passed by everyone…. but we kept working hard! Then, just yesterday, we passed by a reference from members, their neighbors, and “knocked on the door” and the Dad came out. I had talked with him about a month ago and he says “hey, you never came bye again, come on in!” So we entered the house, talked about how their family of 4 can be an eternal family, and invited to be baptized the second of april and they all said yes!!!! So we are going to be working with them a lot! Their neighbors are super awesome members!! Then we passed by another person and had an AMAZING lesson! She didnt accept the baptismal date, but she and her son will definetly be baptized on that day!! It was sooooo amazing!!!
Then i also had an amazing story with the scrptures just like stephen had a while ago! So we have this one investigator that is a little, or a lot, stubborn. We were teaching lesson 2, the plan of salvation, and he began to say “well, adam and eve could have kids before the ate the fruit, that is what i believe” and my comp and i began to argue a little and say “no, its not like that” and then the thought popped into my head (revelation is AMAZING!) to use the scpritures. So we opened up to 2 Nefi 2 and began to read andwe taught the rest of the lesson and they spirit was there strongly!!!! And at the end our investigator sad “well, i thought it was different but i guess not” !!!! So wow, the scriptures are soooooo true!!! Just like PMG says, the criptures invite the spirit and give authenticity (does that even make sense in english?) to our teaching!!!
Les testifico del gran poder que hay en las escrituras! Sé que son verdaderas y que nos enseñan la agradable palabra de Dios que “Sana el alma herida” Sé que al leer, meditar, y poner en práctica esas enseñanzas, nos acercaremos a Dios y sentiremos la veracidad de estas cosas! Que estudien y no solamente lean las escrituras! Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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