Que se haga Tu voluntad

HEY HEY HEY!!!!!! Cómo están???? Espero que la vida les esté tratando bien en California!!! Todo está bien acá en Chile!!!
Mark, keep shredding it in tennis and in school! Mom and Dad, im glad all is well and your health is good as well! Stephen…… yapo no dejes la llaves en otros lugarespo. And Jared, keep flag footballing it up!!! I want to see some pictures!!
Well, this week was a fun one!!! We talked with everyone, invited people to get baptized, people yelled at us, dogs chased us (my comp hates dogs) and we testified of Christ the Lord! it was AWESOME! So unfortunatly all of our investigators have had things come up and nobody went to church. That was kinda hard for me, but i also learned something really cool this week!
So we have been getting up earlier to be able to study the scriptures more (2 hours instead of 1) and it is sooo awesome!!! I try to read and ponder the scriptures! Hahaha so I read the part of Mathew that talks about his yolk! (Mateo 11: 28 – 30) And i studied it in depth! Then i connected it to the translation of Mathew 16: 25-29 and it was amazing! I learned even more about consegration and humility. I learned that the only true way to have internal peace and hapiness is to surrender EVERYTHING to God. For example, i want to baptize LOTS of people on my mission (thats not a bad thing, actually its a really good thing) but the Lord has His plan for me. If i get frustrated, it is because i am putting my will before His will. So to truely have peace and hapiness, we must surrender everything to the Lord. Now, that doesnt mean give up, but it means do what we can and when stuff doesnt result, the Lord just has another plan for us, and His plan is always better. It takes lots of faith (confidence) to trust in the Lord enough to say “yeah, it doesnt matter what I want. I will give my all everyday and in the end I will be happy to do the Lords will” I then looked up a bunch of scriptures that talk about putting our trust in the Lord, and the promeses and blessings that we will recieve by doing it are amazing!!!
Another awesome thing I learned is that the plan of salvation is soooo true. After studying that in deptht i just “stand all amazed at the love that Jesus offers me” to think that he died, and suffered, for me, a sinful, prideful, unworthy person, so that i can return to live with God again. It is just amazing. And then I think about all of the other ordinances in the Church like baptism and the Sacrament and how all of these ordenanzas help us purify ourselves from sin so that we CAN return to Gods presence. It is just amazing.
Les testifico que Jesucristo vive y es nuestro Salvador. Únicamente mediante las condiciones del arrepentimiento podemos limpiarnos del pecado y llegar a ser personas puras. Necesitamos tomar la Santa Cena cada semana para seguir arrepintiéndonos para que podamos, poco a poco, purificarnos y llegar a ser más como Cristo. Sé que el Evangelio existe con este fin, que la autoridad de Dios se encuentra solamente en Su Iglesia, y que Él nos ama y nos dio este plan para poder regresar a Su presencia. Comparto esto a todos en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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