Una Semana Interesante

HEY HEY HEY!!!!!!! Como esta familia???? Todo esta mas o menos no mas aca en Chile….. ha sido una semana muy interesante, pero esta bien. 
Im glad that you guys have had a melow week!! And wow, i have more cousins on the way???? How many do i even have???? hahaha well, the more the marrier, right? Im glad that dads work is going well and that mark has found a nice new nap spot, hahaha.
Wellllllll the week, this was quite the week! In spite of that (thats how the frase is in spanish…. i forfgot how it is in english, sorry…) we worked super hard and personally i feel like i am being a better missionary every day we had little succes. GRanted, i did get a little sick and wasnt able to work full (chillean for full effort) all the time, the people just didnt want to listen to us… but it was only the Lord testing our faith because the biggest miracle and testimony builder of my life happened this sunday!!!
SOOOOOO remember that family of 4 we were working with? Yeah, wel like 2 weeks passed by without us being able to pass by them. We have really been tring to work with the members better to get references and baptize more converts that are stronger in the church, and well, the MEMBERS BROUGHT THE FAMILY TO CHURCH SUNDAY!!!!!!! It was amazing!!!!!! So yeah, and they absolutely LOVED the church. We are passing by tonigh to put a baptismal date with them!! woo hoo!!!!! But now i have a strong testimony about the importance of working with the members. They are sooo important so that the investigators not only progress, but have stronger testimonies when they get baptized! All members, try and help the missionaries. You guys make such ana amazing difference!
So yeah, something really cool I learned this week is difference between knowing something and understanding something. Especially when it has to do with the Gospel. According to the scriptures, knowing something is like, knowing it, like knowing facts, numbers, dates, information, stuff like that. But understanding something is letting this information arrive at your heart. That is when a testimony begins to grow within us and we understand it. This can be applied to both Gospel and non Gospel topics! in John 7:17 it says that if we do someting (an experiment or obey a commanment) we will recieve a testimony that the information is of men or of God. So to be able to understand, we must open our hearts and put in practice what we have learned, otherwise its just knowledge (thats not bad, but if we understand it, we retain it and become more intelligent!) So yeah, try and learn with your hearts and not just your heads!!
Les testifico de que necesitamos aprender con el corazon a fin de que podamos entender el Evangelio. Si lo entendemos, podremos bendecir a otros. Dejo esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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