La Conferencia!!!!

Famila!!!!!!!!! Como les ha ido???? Bueno, diculpenme porque se me esta yendo el tiempo!!!!
Well, sounds like you guys have had quite the week! I am glad that everyone is doing well! Mark, way to beat that kid in tenis!!! Whoops, that was spanish…
Jared, jajaja me rio tanto de que tengas alergia a los perros, jajajaja
First off, SHOUTOUT TO CATHERINE WHO IS COMING TO THE GREATEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!! Me alegro tanto de que vayas a venir a Chile para servir al Señor por 18 meses!!!!! 
So yeah, well this week was also hard…. my back was killing me lots of days and nobody wanted to hear our message…. My comp and I have really struggled to find good investigators that are progressing…. We have a few that are soooooo engaged in the lessons and then when we call them to set up other appointments, they just arent too interested…. so its been a little hard, but ive just learned that the Lord has His plan. Ive just got to do my best and be happy because i cant change His plan for me, hahaha. 
So the family that came to church, well we have tried to pass by a few times and havent had success….. they arrive really late but we are going to pass by tonight. The dad and sons are super interested but the wife isnt as interested. She kinda felt out of place in church and some people have told her a few things about the church and we havent been able to talk to her yet, but we are going to pass by with leaders from the Relief Society and see what the Spirit can help us do! 
So Conferencia was awesome!!! I went in with a few personal questions and tried to just enjoy the “spiritual banquet” as our President said, jajaja I sure felt the spirit and loved how LOTS of people talked about the Temple!!! The temple is just sooo amazing! The one thing I miss as a missionary is not going to the temple when i want. We can go with converts, but i would love to be able to go more often! 
bueno, diculpenme por el correo fome, pero sinceramente nada pasó esta semana! Pero quiero testificarles de que el Templo realmente is la casa del Señor. Él nos ama tanto que nos dio un lugar en la tierra donde podemos aprender más de Él. de nosotros, y de cómo podemos regresar a Su presencia. Les invito a que vayan al templo con más frecuencia y que disfruten del don de tener un templo cerca! Dejo esto en el nombre de mi Salvador y Redentor, amén!
Los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney
ps, there isnt a slot to send pictures on this computer, sorry!!


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