Familia!!!!! ¿Cómo les va la vida? Espero que todo les haya ido bien!!!! Todo está tranquilo acá en Chile!!!
Hahaha i am SOOOO stoked!!!!! Como, en serio, eso es genial!!!!!! 
Well, way to go mark!!! That fundraiser sounds pretty dang cool!!!
soooo this week has been pretty cool!
First off, we still have had little to no success in finding new investigators….. so I asked the ZLs to do divisions to help us out. So ELder Johnson came (he is a beast and finds like 7 news every day…) so yeah, we were literally running from house to house contacting 2 houses at a time and talking with EVERYONE and no one listened to us… nadie nos pescó, jajajaja pero we had sooo much fun!!! like, its sounds wierd, but i was just so happy to be serving the Lord that it didnt matter to me if we had found any new investigators… hahaha so yeah!
Another amazing thing is that we went to the temple!!!! We went with a convert and She lived it!!1 I have really leared about the importance of going to the temple. It is an extension of our own baptisms and its a great oportunity to feel the spirit and help others recieve their salvation, so try and go to the temple as often as you can, you will be blessed for it!
Hahaha another really funny thing that happened this week. So my comp and i were contacting in the morning on this one street and a group of 5 dogs began to follow us and play with us (all of the latinos say that there are more dogs in chile than in the other countries. Normally there are always about 5 or 6 in sight at all times, and sometimes they try and bight us) hahaha so yeah, tenía una pandilla de perros que me siguieron por un tiempo. I took pictures, but this computer doesnt have a slot…. sorry…. next week. But its just funny things like that that im sure the Lord makes happen (thats how you would say the frase in spanish…) just so that we missionaries have a good time, hahaha there are always little things like that!
So we do have an investigator that is goin to get baptized this sunday. She is progressing well and came to church this past sunday! it was awesome! She had a great time. We are going to pass by her house tonight to teach more about Baptism! I love teaching about baptism and repentance, its sooo much fun!!! And another investigator came to church as well! He is going to get baptized a week from saturday! So yeah, even though we havent had as much success as i would have like, the Lord always blesses us for our diligence and faith. 
bueno, quiero dejarles con mi testimonio del Salvador. Él vive. Sé que Él vino a la tierra y que tomó sobre si cada pecado. Sé que Él también sufrió nuestros dolores, enfermedades, y tentaciones. Gracias a que Él hizo esto, Él nos puede perdonar, consolar, fortalecer, y sanar. Se los comperto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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