Wow, Winter Arrived in Just a Week!!!

Hey hey hey!!!!!! How is it going family??? I sure hope it is all nice and warm there in the States, it is getting COLD here in Chile!!!! 
Esteban, esperemos que nunca te den una fecha de término!! Eso es lo ideal, cierto? jajaja
Marcos, que siga sacando la mugre en tenis, casi vencieron a UNI, que genial!!!
I glad that all has gone really well and that you went skiing!! Thats one of the few things i miss, jajaja especialmente porque los Andes tiene mucha nieve ahora….
Well, based on the title i am sure you can guess….. so t has been getting cold, and its sweater weather now!!! But then on saturday night it began to rain a little and ALL DAY SUNDAY IT WAS RAINING!!!! It rained so much that the main river that runs through santiago se botó!!! It overflowed!!!!! (so i was told) and like aparently the streets werent street, but rather they were rivers!!!! Jajaja so yeah, after lunch we were walking home so i could change my socks (they were soaked!!!!) and becuase when i walked bubles came out of my shoes because they were so wet (that was funny!) and we got a call from the Zl that we had to go home for the rest of the day porque the weather was so bad….. so yeah, winter is here in Chile!!! (the chileans are scared of the rain….. like if its raining they all hide inside and they tell us “i wont talk to you because its raining…. so rain is lame as a missionary) jaja
Alrighty, so Friday was AWESOME!!!! Unfortunetly we didnt even work in our sector Friday (NOT awesome) but i went to the temple with a member from Peñaflor, my first ward, and it was his first time!! So we went to the temple and the dad and his son from my first ward were there too!!!! It was sooo amazing to see them all and to go to the temple with this member!!! Man, then, we left the temple at 9 at night (President was there and gave us special permissio) and we had to sleep in the house of other elders in a different zone because it was so late…. so yeah, there were 9 of us in a house for 4 missionaries….. that was fun!!!
So my comp and i have had a rough change (well, the change ended yesterday and we are both staying here for on emore change). We had lots of investigators come to church and then when we met with them afterwards they told us “yeah, we dont wan to go to church” y eso….. plus we havent been able to find any investigators that have progressed really well…… its been hard because the ZL have been pushing for lots of baptisms and the rest of the zone has had a lot of success. The good news is that I have learned a lot about being humble and just trusting in the Lord and just being grateful for all of the blessings that we have! Even though we arent having the success i have hoped for, i am super happy just knowing that all is well and that i am serving the Lord!
Con esto, quiero darles me testimonio de que ésta es la obra del Señor. ël la apresura en Su tiempo. A veces Él deja que pasemos por dificultades para que aprendamos y para que podamos poner en práctica las Escrituras! Sé que Él vive y que nos conoce y que nos ama. Si confiamos en Él, Él nos sostendrá y llegaremos a ser más como Él! Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucrist, amén!
Los quiero!!!
i will send fotos!!!!


Élder Tenney


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