Ya es pday? Ya es mi cumpleaños? uh oh…..

Hey hey hey!!!!!!! Hows it going in cold old California? JAred told me the AC broke, hahaha its getting really cold in Chile now! jajaja
Well, sounds like all is going well there!! Que bueno que conocieron a Casey (me es tan extraño decir su nombre….)!! He is such a stud! hahaha Its good to hear that all is well!! What are the super fun plans for the summer?
Well, this week has been awesome!! I saw so many milagros this week!! TO start, this past wednesday we were in a zone meeting (we have district and zone meetings every wednesday) and someone called me. So i ran outside with my comp and answered the phone and someone said (a rough english translation) “Hey elders how are you doing?” and i replied “good, who are we talking with?” and the man responded “Jonathon, and i read the little book about Joseph Smith that you gave me and i want to go to church and get baptized.” and i said “awesome! We are going to pass by tomorrow!” and soo yeah, He is a new investigator that we found like 2 months ago and stopped passing by because he wasnt progressing… and now he wants to learn more, get baptized and change his life! So we are working with him now and its some awesome!!
Then the next day we went to a lesson with an investigator and we were with a recient convert and this investigador hadnt been progressing too much. So we were in the lesson and i want really sure what to do, and i said a quick prayer in my head that the Spirit would guide us. Then after that prayer, the lesson started to pick up and the Spirit literally guided us in every part. Like, the investigador would say something and the spirit then told us what to say and do and it was INCREDIBLE!! So after the lesson this investigator started to progress! 
So yeah, those were just 2 of the many milagros that i saw this past week, but the Lord has just been blessing us!!! A funny thing we did this week was that is was raining on and off a few days (not heavy rain, but just a little) so when we were contacting, the people said “what do you want” and we replied “Well, were missionaries and we are really cold and wet, could we share a message with you?” and it worked a few times, jajaja it was really funny!! 
asi que, quiero testificarles de la importancia de seguir al Espíritu. El Espíritu, siempre que seamos dignos, siempre está dispuesto a ayudarnos en nuestras vidas, pero para poder recibir esa ayuda divina, requiere que nosotros nos humillemos y que procuremos identificar y hacer caso a los susurros del Espíritu. Si lo hacemos, Él nos guiará y nos ayudará a tener aún mas éxito entre los Hijos e Hijas se Dios. Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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