En la ciudad

Hey Guys!!!! Como les baila en los Estados Unidos??? Espero que les haya ido bien!!!
The coolest thing happened last pday, i got a call from the asistentes that i was going to do special divisions with my son (Elder Anderson) and get to visit my converts in Peñaflor!! So one of my converts has cancer and is in very bad condition, so we got to go there and visit them and have lunch with them!!! IT WAS SOOO AWESOME!!!
Well all is well here!!! It was hard to say goodbye to my last sector, but i am super excited to be here in my new sector! Im now in the City Santiago and am in a big ward!! I dont know anything about it since its pday and i got here today, but its pretty big. The part that makes me most excited is that THERE ARENT FENCES AROUND EVERY HOUSE!!!! IM GOING TO FINALLY KNOCK ON DOORS!!!!! Its been a long time since ive knocked on a door…… jajaja
So yeah, i dont know much about my new comp since we have only been together for like 4 hours, but his name is Elder Taylor from arizona! He just finished his training and has been out in the mission for about 4 months!! He training was really good and theyve got a few really good investigadores that are progressing well!! So im super excited to work with him!!
Well, this past week was awesome!!!! We have been working a ton with the Ward to help this family progress!!! So today the dad went to the REgistro Civil to put a date to get married!!! So yeah that is super awesome!!! And we have continued to find som good people that have interest not only in the REstoration, but also want to come unto Christ because they have felt that they have abandoned God a little!!! But, when we started to recieve lots of blessings, the Lord called me to work in another area! But thats how it is, the Lord now needs me in another part of Chile so that i can help His children return to His Presence!
Well, a funny thing about last night was that it was raining all day, so my comp and i were walking (and i have AWESOME rain boots) and we had a water war!!! We started kicking water at each other and he hid behind his umbrella and we were wet and it was cold but we were just having fun!!! As misionaries, sometimes we do childish things to entertain ourselves, jajaja
Well, i have really been studying the Gospel of Jesuscristo a lot, like i just love that God has given us a way to return and live with Him!!! And the more i study it, the more i love it! I love what it says in 3 Nefi that His Gospel was to do the will of the Father, to suffer and be crucified so that we could return to the Presence of the FAther!!! So yeah, i just loved studying that more in depth!
Bueno, sé que el Evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero y que es la única manera en que podemos regresar a la presencia de Dios. Amo a mi Padre Celestial que me ama tanto que ha enviado a Su hijo amado, Jesucristo, para que podamos regresar a Su lado. Se que Él vive y que nos ama. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero!

Élder Tenney


La Semana De Milagros

BUENA BUENA!!!!!!! Como están todos??? Parece que les ha ido muy bien!!! Me alegro por eso!!! 

JAjajajaja well like the title says, this was a wekk full of MILAGROS!!!! 
Sooooo, my comp and i were contacting in our sector and we decided to pass by a reference from some miembros! WEll, they werent home, but their neighbors had just arrived so we decided to talk to them!! They told us that they were busy but that we could pass by the next night. Well we passed by and had the MOST AMAZING FIRST LESSON EVER!!!! Like the wife was crying because the Spirit was sooo strong! So we invited them to be baptized and they said “yes” before we even finished speaking!!! So then they came to church and they loved it!!! They are just sooo amazing!!! The only problem is tha they arent married but they want to get married so that they can get baptized!! WOO HOO!!!!
Another miracles was that we were walking to lunch with the other Elderes in the ward and a joven came u to us and said “Hey, im trying to find the correct Church, can i talk with you guys?” and he gave us his number and direccion! So we went with him that night to a members house and taught him!! The members brought him to church and it seems like he liked it alot!!! ( he had to leave early but the members told us that he like it!!!) so yeah, we have just seen soo many mircales!!!!
AND YET ANOTHER MIRACLE!!!!! So another day we entered into a house in the morning DURING THE WEEK!!! (THAT NEVER HAPPENS) and we began talking to another joven, well half way through the lesson, like 10 niños entered into the house and the Spirit left, so we said we were going to pass by the next morning! So we passed by and this joven told us “What do i have to do to get baptized, id like to get baptized!” LIKE, WHAT????? So yeah, unfortunatly he couldnt come to church, but now we are going to work with him!!!!
So yeah, all of these miracles come about because of something I learned this week. We cannot work to baptize, we have to work because we love the Lord. Christ didn´t succeed with the Atonement because he was focused on the reward, He succeeded because He was focused on doing God´s will. 
Sé que si nos olvidamos de nosotros mismos completamente, ese es el momento en que tenemos éxito. Al hacerlo, seremos puros, más como Cristo y tendremos mayor amor por las personas. La verdad es que nuestro orgullo nos ciega, pero al dejarlo atrás, las posibilidades serán infinitas y tendremos verdadera paz y verdadera felicidad!! La misión nunce se trata de nosotros, solamente se trata de la salvación y felicidad de los Hijos de Dios, nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Amo a todos los Chilenos y es mi deseo profundo de que reciban el mensaje del Evangelio Restaurado! Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero

Élder Tenney


HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!
WOW, i have completely run out of titles for my emails!!!!! Jajajaja and unfortunately this wasnt an interesting week either so no amazing story happened to have a cool title…. but oh well!!! JAjaja
Wow. Mark, way to Sacar la mugre en tenis!!!! Que genial!!!! And JAred it sounds like you are still tearing it up in flag football!!!! Hoy día jugamos futbol tambien! jajaja!! Y esteban, que fome que ya estes en la casa. Luchaste la buena batalla y el Señor esta muy agradecido por su servicio dedicado!!
Well, like I said, this week wasnt too interesting… Nothing extraordinary happened and we dont have any investigadores that have progressed real well!. We worked really hard this whole week passing by our investigadores with members and inviting them to come to church and verifying their commitments and then only one came to church, Whicxh is really awesome because this investigador has been telling us that he would come but never did, so finally he came”!!! Now we are going to work with him to accept a baptismal date!!! 
We did have a super neat lesson this week!! My comp and I were waking to go contact a person and i felt that we needed to pass by someone that lives on the way. So we passed by the person and they were not there, so we contacted their neighbors and one of them opened the door and was crying. So she was home alone so we couldnt share a mesage with them, but we passed by the other day and had an awesome lesson with her!!! She told us that sh ue used to go to the Catholic church but that she stopped going because she only believes en Cristo. She also told us that she has had lots of hard moments and has a super strong testimony of prayer!! So unfortunatly she couldnt come to church, but we are going to work a lot with her now!!! I just love follow the Spirit so that it guides us to Gods children that reallt do need this message and that are ready to hear it!
So, one thing i have learned is the importance of humility. Like, we have been working super hard and trying to apply all that our leaders tell us, but we havent had any success…. like its been really hard. But i have learned that it is not our work, it is the Lord´s. We are obedient, we are diligent, and we work hard, but in the end, its the Lord that will give us the blessings. It is His work and not ours. Lots of the time we try and change His will in prayer and we really just need to forget about what we want and just work, work work. It is the only true way to have peace, to do our part diligently and not worry about the results because in the end, the Lord will always do His part.

así que quiero testificarles que Dios realmente nos ama y si seguimos al Espíritu, Dios nos guiará a Sus hijos que están listos para recibirnos a fin de ayudarles a venir a Cristo! Sé que al leer las Escrituras, seremos más capaces de identificar los susurros del Espíritu a fin de seguirlo y ser mejores instrumentos en las manos del Señor! Testifico de esto en al nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


Hows it going familia???? Well from last night it souds like all is well!!! It was so good to skype you guys and see how much you have changed!!!! Jared and MArk are so tall now!!!! And what the heck, Stephen gets home tomorrow???? No lo puedo creer!? Significa que me quedo un poquito mas de un año…… uh oh……
Well, this week was a very interesting week!!! We didnt have a lot of success! We spent the whole week contacting and trying to work with the investigadores that we have and well not a lot happened…. that happens a lot in the mision…. but there are always so many miracles in the mision that its incredible!!!
So perhaps the coolest milagro that we saw this week was on saturday! So last friday we contacted a man in front of his house in the richest part of our sector (i have never entered into one of those houses before) and he was like “yeah, come by next friday” so we called him on thursday and he said “come by saturday at 4” Well friday night we called again to confirm the appointment and he didnt answer. So saturday we passed by and he was waiting for us!!! So we entered into his house and taked a little with him and the Spirit told us “teach lesson 2” so my comp and i tauht him lesson 2 and at the end was like “Well, i believe what youve said. It makes sense, but i want to believe it and know it for my self” and se we commited him to pray about it and go to church the next day. Well, HE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! So that was super awesome!!!! So yeah, we are going to pass by wednesday to talk more to him!!! It soo awesome all of the many mircales that God gives us!! He loves us so much and is so merciful!!!
Something interesting that i learned this week was the importance of charity. We were on divisions with on eof the Asistentes de Presidnte and i asked him (hes in his last change) what are the 2 most important things he has learned on his mission and he said “That the Atonement is real and the importance of loving the people” and that second part really hit me. Like i love the Chileans, they are awesome, but maybe i could love them even more!! So i studied Charity this week and i learned that we need to truely forget about ourselves and what we want if we want to love the people. Like, if we teach them and we are just ocused on baptizing them, we wont truely love them enough to help them or minister unto them, but if we focus on them and we love them, not only will they progress faster from our love, but we will better help them because we want to help them. The savior is the perfect example of Chairty, so yeah, that completely changed my mission and now im trying to be a more charitable person!
Pero, quiero testificarles de que la caridad realmente es el amor puro de Cristo y que Dios nos la da si oramos “con toda la energía de nuestros corazones.” Al tener caridad, veremos a las personas como realmente son, hijos e hijas de Dios y querremos ayudarles para que sus vidas sean mejores. Les invito a que tengan más caridad, y les comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!

los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney

Buena, buena!!!

Heyyyy!!!! Como están todos!!! Bueno, parece que han tenido una semena genial!! Como es la película de OUR? Voy a tener que verla cuando regrese (en mucho, mucho, mucho más tiempo! eso es bueno, jaja) 
Well, thanks to everyone who sent me a Birthday email!!! Ill try and respond but sometimes the time just flies (it always flies actually……) but it was a sweet birthday!
So clearly the Lord knew that it was my birthday because we found a FAMILY OF 6 on my birthday!!! We shared a brief message of the Restauracion!! They arent married, but we will be talking to them about that!! The col thing is that the mom, well her parents are converts to the church (i dont know if they are still active) and the dad recieved the lessons when he lived in another part of Santiago!!! So yeah, it was such an awesome miracle! Unfortunatly they didnt come to church, but que se haga la voluntad de Dios!
So my comp and I have had quite a difficulty in baptizing. We have lots of investigadores that are super awesome, but the arent progressing that well. And in our studies, we have read lots of the Book of Mormon and how we need to read it with our investigadores so that they progress more! So we are going to work on reading and aopplying the LDM with our investigadores!
Another funny thing we did this week was after a day of contacting i was a little tired of yelling at the fences, so on a smaller street a car was coming towards us and i stood in the middle of the street and made a stop sign with my hand. Well, the guy stopped and we contacted him in his car!! Hahaha he was giving us the wierdest look and didnt really want to hear our mensaje, but hay que hablar con todos!! hahaha so yeah, sometimes we contact cars here in Chile!
Well another cool thing i have learned is the role of the Spirit in our lives. Like, before the mission i felt the Spirit, but as a missionary i have seen the importance of the Spirit in our lives!!! Like, without the Spirit, we have no access to Gods power to help us overcome our naturaleza pecaminosa (i have NO IDEA how you say that in english, sorrry), but with the Spirit we can over come these natural desire and become even more like the Lord!
Les testifico que el don del Espíritu Santo es el don más grandioso que nuestro Padre Celestial nos da. Nos guía, nos consuela, y nos da la habilidad de despojarnos del hombre natural a fin de que podamos vencer el pecado y ser más como Cristo. Testifico de estas cosas en el sagrado nombre de Jesucrist, amén!
Los quiero!!

Élder Tenney