Buena, buena!!!

Heyyyy!!!! Como están todos!!! Bueno, parece que han tenido una semena genial!! Como es la película de OUR? Voy a tener que verla cuando regrese (en mucho, mucho, mucho más tiempo! eso es bueno, jaja) 
Well, thanks to everyone who sent me a Birthday email!!! Ill try and respond but sometimes the time just flies (it always flies actually……) but it was a sweet birthday!
So clearly the Lord knew that it was my birthday because we found a FAMILY OF 6 on my birthday!!! We shared a brief message of the Restauracion!! They arent married, but we will be talking to them about that!! The col thing is that the mom, well her parents are converts to the church (i dont know if they are still active) and the dad recieved the lessons when he lived in another part of Santiago!!! So yeah, it was such an awesome miracle! Unfortunatly they didnt come to church, but que se haga la voluntad de Dios!
So my comp and I have had quite a difficulty in baptizing. We have lots of investigadores that are super awesome, but the arent progressing that well. And in our studies, we have read lots of the Book of Mormon and how we need to read it with our investigadores so that they progress more! So we are going to work on reading and aopplying the LDM with our investigadores!
Another funny thing we did this week was after a day of contacting i was a little tired of yelling at the fences, so on a smaller street a car was coming towards us and i stood in the middle of the street and made a stop sign with my hand. Well, the guy stopped and we contacted him in his car!! Hahaha he was giving us the wierdest look and didnt really want to hear our mensaje, but hay que hablar con todos!! hahaha so yeah, sometimes we contact cars here in Chile!
Well another cool thing i have learned is the role of the Spirit in our lives. Like, before the mission i felt the Spirit, but as a missionary i have seen the importance of the Spirit in our lives!!! Like, without the Spirit, we have no access to Gods power to help us overcome our naturaleza pecaminosa (i have NO IDEA how you say that in english, sorrry), but with the Spirit we can over come these natural desire and become even more like the Lord!
Les testifico que el don del Espíritu Santo es el don más grandioso que nuestro Padre Celestial nos da. Nos guía, nos consuela, y nos da la habilidad de despojarnos del hombre natural a fin de que podamos vencer el pecado y ser más como Cristo. Testifico de estas cosas en el sagrado nombre de Jesucrist, amén!
Los quiero!!

Élder Tenney


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