Hows it going familia???? Well from last night it souds like all is well!!! It was so good to skype you guys and see how much you have changed!!!! Jared and MArk are so tall now!!!! And what the heck, Stephen gets home tomorrow???? No lo puedo creer!? Significa que me quedo un poquito mas de un año…… uh oh……
Well, this week was a very interesting week!!! We didnt have a lot of success! We spent the whole week contacting and trying to work with the investigadores that we have and well not a lot happened…. that happens a lot in the mision…. but there are always so many miracles in the mision that its incredible!!!
So perhaps the coolest milagro that we saw this week was on saturday! So last friday we contacted a man in front of his house in the richest part of our sector (i have never entered into one of those houses before) and he was like “yeah, come by next friday” so we called him on thursday and he said “come by saturday at 4” Well friday night we called again to confirm the appointment and he didnt answer. So saturday we passed by and he was waiting for us!!! So we entered into his house and taked a little with him and the Spirit told us “teach lesson 2” so my comp and i tauht him lesson 2 and at the end was like “Well, i believe what youve said. It makes sense, but i want to believe it and know it for my self” and se we commited him to pray about it and go to church the next day. Well, HE CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! So that was super awesome!!!! So yeah, we are going to pass by wednesday to talk more to him!!! It soo awesome all of the many mircales that God gives us!! He loves us so much and is so merciful!!!
Something interesting that i learned this week was the importance of charity. We were on divisions with on eof the Asistentes de Presidnte and i asked him (hes in his last change) what are the 2 most important things he has learned on his mission and he said “That the Atonement is real and the importance of loving the people” and that second part really hit me. Like i love the Chileans, they are awesome, but maybe i could love them even more!! So i studied Charity this week and i learned that we need to truely forget about ourselves and what we want if we want to love the people. Like, if we teach them and we are just ocused on baptizing them, we wont truely love them enough to help them or minister unto them, but if we focus on them and we love them, not only will they progress faster from our love, but we will better help them because we want to help them. The savior is the perfect example of Chairty, so yeah, that completely changed my mission and now im trying to be a more charitable person!
Pero, quiero testificarles de que la caridad realmente es el amor puro de Cristo y que Dios nos la da si oramos “con toda la energía de nuestros corazones.” Al tener caridad, veremos a las personas como realmente son, hijos e hijas de Dios y querremos ayudarles para que sus vidas sean mejores. Les invito a que tengan más caridad, y les comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!

los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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