HEY GUYS!!!!!!!!
WOW, i have completely run out of titles for my emails!!!!! Jajajaja and unfortunately this wasnt an interesting week either so no amazing story happened to have a cool title…. but oh well!!! JAjaja
Wow. Mark, way to Sacar la mugre en tenis!!!! Que genial!!!! And JAred it sounds like you are still tearing it up in flag football!!!! Hoy día jugamos futbol tambien! jajaja!! Y esteban, que fome que ya estes en la casa. Luchaste la buena batalla y el Señor esta muy agradecido por su servicio dedicado!!
Well, like I said, this week wasnt too interesting… Nothing extraordinary happened and we dont have any investigadores that have progressed real well!. We worked really hard this whole week passing by our investigadores with members and inviting them to come to church and verifying their commitments and then only one came to church, Whicxh is really awesome because this investigador has been telling us that he would come but never did, so finally he came”!!! Now we are going to work with him to accept a baptismal date!!! 
We did have a super neat lesson this week!! My comp and I were waking to go contact a person and i felt that we needed to pass by someone that lives on the way. So we passed by the person and they were not there, so we contacted their neighbors and one of them opened the door and was crying. So she was home alone so we couldnt share a mesage with them, but we passed by the other day and had an awesome lesson with her!!! She told us that sh ue used to go to the Catholic church but that she stopped going because she only believes en Cristo. She also told us that she has had lots of hard moments and has a super strong testimony of prayer!! So unfortunatly she couldnt come to church, but we are going to work a lot with her now!!! I just love follow the Spirit so that it guides us to Gods children that reallt do need this message and that are ready to hear it!
So, one thing i have learned is the importance of humility. Like, we have been working super hard and trying to apply all that our leaders tell us, but we havent had any success…. like its been really hard. But i have learned that it is not our work, it is the Lord´s. We are obedient, we are diligent, and we work hard, but in the end, its the Lord that will give us the blessings. It is His work and not ours. Lots of the time we try and change His will in prayer and we really just need to forget about what we want and just work, work work. It is the only true way to have peace, to do our part diligently and not worry about the results because in the end, the Lord will always do His part.

así que quiero testificarles que Dios realmente nos ama y si seguimos al Espíritu, Dios nos guiará a Sus hijos que están listos para recibirnos a fin de ayudarles a venir a Cristo! Sé que al leer las Escrituras, seremos más capaces de identificar los susurros del Espíritu a fin de seguirlo y ser mejores instrumentos en las manos del Señor! Testifico de esto en al nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
Los quiero!!!

Élder Tenney


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