La Semana De Milagros

BUENA BUENA!!!!!!! Como están todos??? Parece que les ha ido muy bien!!! Me alegro por eso!!! 

JAjajajaja well like the title says, this was a wekk full of MILAGROS!!!! 
Sooooo, my comp and i were contacting in our sector and we decided to pass by a reference from some miembros! WEll, they werent home, but their neighbors had just arrived so we decided to talk to them!! They told us that they were busy but that we could pass by the next night. Well we passed by and had the MOST AMAZING FIRST LESSON EVER!!!! Like the wife was crying because the Spirit was sooo strong! So we invited them to be baptized and they said “yes” before we even finished speaking!!! So then they came to church and they loved it!!! They are just sooo amazing!!! The only problem is tha they arent married but they want to get married so that they can get baptized!! WOO HOO!!!!
Another miracles was that we were walking to lunch with the other Elderes in the ward and a joven came u to us and said “Hey, im trying to find the correct Church, can i talk with you guys?” and he gave us his number and direccion! So we went with him that night to a members house and taught him!! The members brought him to church and it seems like he liked it alot!!! ( he had to leave early but the members told us that he like it!!!) so yeah, we have just seen soo many mircales!!!!
AND YET ANOTHER MIRACLE!!!!! So another day we entered into a house in the morning DURING THE WEEK!!! (THAT NEVER HAPPENS) and we began talking to another joven, well half way through the lesson, like 10 niños entered into the house and the Spirit left, so we said we were going to pass by the next morning! So we passed by and this joven told us “What do i have to do to get baptized, id like to get baptized!” LIKE, WHAT????? So yeah, unfortunatly he couldnt come to church, but now we are going to work with him!!!!
So yeah, all of these miracles come about because of something I learned this week. We cannot work to baptize, we have to work because we love the Lord. Christ didn´t succeed with the Atonement because he was focused on the reward, He succeeded because He was focused on doing God´s will. 
Sé que si nos olvidamos de nosotros mismos completamente, ese es el momento en que tenemos éxito. Al hacerlo, seremos puros, más como Cristo y tendremos mayor amor por las personas. La verdad es que nuestro orgullo nos ciega, pero al dejarlo atrás, las posibilidades serán infinitas y tendremos verdadera paz y verdadera felicidad!! La misión nunce se trata de nosotros, solamente se trata de la salvación y felicidad de los Hijos de Dios, nuestros hermanos y hermanas. Amo a todos los Chilenos y es mi deseo profundo de que reciban el mensaje del Evangelio Restaurado! Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero

Élder Tenney


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