En la ciudad

Hey Guys!!!! Como les baila en los Estados Unidos??? Espero que les haya ido bien!!!
The coolest thing happened last pday, i got a call from the asistentes that i was going to do special divisions with my son (Elder Anderson) and get to visit my converts in Peñaflor!! So one of my converts has cancer and is in very bad condition, so we got to go there and visit them and have lunch with them!!! IT WAS SOOO AWESOME!!!
Well all is well here!!! It was hard to say goodbye to my last sector, but i am super excited to be here in my new sector! Im now in the City Santiago and am in a big ward!! I dont know anything about it since its pday and i got here today, but its pretty big. The part that makes me most excited is that THERE ARENT FENCES AROUND EVERY HOUSE!!!! IM GOING TO FINALLY KNOCK ON DOORS!!!!! Its been a long time since ive knocked on a door…… jajaja
So yeah, i dont know much about my new comp since we have only been together for like 4 hours, but his name is Elder Taylor from arizona! He just finished his training and has been out in the mission for about 4 months!! He training was really good and theyve got a few really good investigadores that are progressing well!! So im super excited to work with him!!
Well, this past week was awesome!!!! We have been working a ton with the Ward to help this family progress!!! So today the dad went to the REgistro Civil to put a date to get married!!! So yeah that is super awesome!!! And we have continued to find som good people that have interest not only in the REstoration, but also want to come unto Christ because they have felt that they have abandoned God a little!!! But, when we started to recieve lots of blessings, the Lord called me to work in another area! But thats how it is, the Lord now needs me in another part of Chile so that i can help His children return to His Presence!
Well, a funny thing about last night was that it was raining all day, so my comp and i were walking (and i have AWESOME rain boots) and we had a water war!!! We started kicking water at each other and he hid behind his umbrella and we were wet and it was cold but we were just having fun!!! As misionaries, sometimes we do childish things to entertain ourselves, jajaja
Well, i have really been studying the Gospel of Jesuscristo a lot, like i just love that God has given us a way to return and live with Him!!! And the more i study it, the more i love it! I love what it says in 3 Nefi that His Gospel was to do the will of the Father, to suffer and be crucified so that we could return to the Presence of the FAther!!! So yeah, i just loved studying that more in depth!
Bueno, sé que el Evangelio de Jesucristo es verdadero y que es la única manera en que podemos regresar a la presencia de Dios. Amo a mi Padre Celestial que me ama tanto que ha enviado a Su hijo amado, Jesucristo, para que podamos regresar a Su lado. Se que Él vive y que nos ama. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!

los quiero!

Élder Tenney


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