Buena, buena!!!!! (if you say it with lots of energy, you sound really chilean!)
Hows life going in the good ol USA?? WIth lots of heat, right??? So yeah, i got transfered last week and my sector is AMAZING!!!!!!!! So i am no in the heart of Santiago with lots of big apartment buildings with security gueards that dont want to let us contact inside so we just talk to everything that moves (well, all the people that move) jajaja there are also tons of people from Peru and Colombia that are here and lots of people from HAiti (i will now be learning their language!) So yeah there is TONS of work to do and the Lord has already blessed us a ton!!!
So my comp is Elder Taylor from Arizona and has a whoppin 5 months in the mission but is INCREDIBLE!! HE speaks really good spanish and want to work super hard, so we get along super well!!!
Well, we have been contacting all week because my comp baptized their investigadores the weekend before i got here, and the Lord has truely blessed us! So in this part of the city, the people live in piezas, or like houses with big rooms and the rent rooms to familes (they are small and poor and its sad, but the people are happy!) so lots of them are extranjeros!!! They other day, we contacted an investigadora in her pieza and she told us that there were lots of kids in her room so it was super noisy and would be better that we passed by another day. We were about to leave when a kid that lived in another pieza said “hey, my parents want to talk with you guys in our room” so we went there and found a family from Perú that has had some problems in their life and they want to come closer to God!! Such a miracle!!! So thwy couldnt go to church because the had to either vote on sunday or recieve a fine. 
Another miracle was we were contacting in a street (we talk to like 50 people in the street everyday!) and we talked with another woman from Perú and she gave us her direcion!!! So we passed by with a member that lives close by and she told us in the lesson that she is confused with the other religions and just wants to find the truth! My comp and I were sooo stoked to see such a big miracle!!! So she couldnt come to church either because she had to vote…… but we are going to pass by again tomorrow!!!
AND we found another investigador from Perú (did i mention that there are lots of people from Perú in our sector?) that hasnt been baptized in any churches and wants to be saved, so we have been massivly blessed by the Lord to find lots of good investigadores!!!
Well, something cool i have been studying is repentance, like repentance in general. I think that REpentance is my favorite part of the Gospel!! And i was just reading scriptures about repentance and i thought about how much our Heavenly Father loves us. Like, He knew perfectly than none of us would be able to return and live with Him, so he gave us repentance to be able to change and be worhty to enter into His presence again!!! I just am so grateful for the oportunity gratis that our Heavenly Father has given us.
Realmente sé que Dios vive y que nos ama. Nos ama tanto que ha enviado a Su Hijo a la tierra para que podamos arrepentirnos a fin de que regresemos a su presencia de nuevo! Al pensar en esto, puedo decir “Asombro me da el amor que me da Jesús” Sé que ellos viven, que nos aman, y que están para ayudarnos y bendecir a condición de que nos arrepintamos y vivamos de acuerdo con los mandamientos. Comprto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!

Élder Tenney


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