A Wild Week!!

HEY Hey HEY!!!!!! Hows the good, hot california/utah life going for you guys??? It sounds like everyone is riding a bike and everyone is getting married, so im missing a lot, but oh well, jajajaja
Well, all is nice and cold down here in Santiago, Chile!!!! There is lots of snow on the mountains and i often find myself singing Christmas music even though its June….. the cold is playing tricks on me…. Que tramposo…..
Well this week was very interesting!!! We have been working hard and taling to lots of people, but this week we didnt find too many new investigadores, but the ones that we have are progressing (perhaps a little slower than we would like, but thats ok) Unfortunatly, nobody came to church this week. We had passed by with members and every investigador was ready to go to church and members were going to pass by to take them to church and then one by one they all called us telling us that their children got sick……… A veces a mí no me gusta el frío….. pero bueno!
We had a few super funny experiences this week! So we were walking in a part of Santiago trying to find a house when a drunk man came up to us and said “I was about to punch you guys, but I have a question” and started blabbling for about 10 minutes about something (i dont remember what it was) and after a while my comp says (in english) “just remember, im a goofy goober, my comps a goofy goober, and we are all goofy goobers” and the guy was just like “hey, youre talking in english to me” and my comp and i gave him a terjeta of Jesus and told him to call this number…. so yeah, sometimes weird stuff happens in Chile….
Something funny we have been doing is, well here in Chile, the people live in “piezas” its like a huge hall with different rooms and the people rent out the rooms (and they are always poor and dirty and its sad to see the people live like this) but anyways, they are always locked, but what we do is contact around the house and wait until somebody is leaving or entering and we say “permiso” (in Chile, you say permiso before you do ANYTHING) and just enter into the house and the people always look at us and usually ask “what are you doing” and we say “we are going to visit your neighbor” and then they shrug and move on with their lives, but yeah… its pretty funny!
Bueno, esta semana yo realment he visto el gran impacto de tener el Espíritu con nosotros y también de ser digno de tenerlo. Como misionero, si no tenemos el Espíritu, no tenemos el poder para poder ayudar a las personas a saber que este mensaje es verdadero, pero al tenerlo, si podemos ayudarles. Como misionero, cuanto más el Espíritu esté con nosotros, seremos instumentos más poderosos en las manos del Señor, así que necesitamos purificarnos para poder tener el Espíritu! Testifico de esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!


Élder Tenney


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