Horario raro…

Hey Guys!!!! Hows the summer vacation going???? Its sounds like youve been here and there doing so many things at once, but hey, that just keeps life fun! It was hot here yesterday as if it was summer, but today it is FREEZING COLD!!!!
Well, we have had a weird schedule lately… like we had Pday yesterday, but we didnt write until today and then we have pday NEXT WEDNESDAY (did you get that, PDAY IS NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!) I doubt that all of this is permanent. It has to do with that Presidente BArreiros goes home this friday, which is super sad. He is an incredible President and we will al miss him a ton. But, President Woodward gets here this friday! So i imagine that we will have a metting with him on monday or tuesday and that is why everything is different, but oh well, like we say here; Hay que trabajar no más!
Well this week my comp and I have seen lots of miracles!! Last monday we were contacting and we passed by a mans house right as he opened his door. So we started to talk to him and jokingly i said “you opened your door for us, right?” and he saud “do you want to come in?” and ,y comp and i looked at each other and said “Sipo!” and he we had an amazing lesson with him!! He has a daughter with a few mental disorders and he knows that she is an angel, so we shared the Plan of Salvation with him and it was awesome!! We passed by again last night and he was super excited to see us!
ANother funny thing like that was we were in another alley thingy and we were knocking on doors (there are doors to knock here, it is sooooo awesome!) and we knocked on a door and a womans voice said “Come in!” so we looked at each other again and then just opened the door and walked in (after we heard a mans voice inside) jajaja and a woman was like “hey, weve talked to misionaries before!!” So unfortunatly they were about to eat and we couldnt share anything, but we are going to pass by again!!
Perhaps the greatest miracle of the week was monday night. We had 3 investigadoes that went to church and we planned a super good lesson with them (a dad and two of his kids) to talk about the need of being baptized again so that we can return and live with God. Well, we planned the lesson, showed up, testified, and the 3 accepted to be baptized on the 9th of July!!! It was such an awesome lesson where the Spirit truely guided us and i felt the Spirit testifying to them that what we were saying is true! It was amazing to be able to help them realize that God´s authority is on the earth again!
Testifico de que el Espíritu Santo es la herramienta más poderosa que tenemos. Únicamente Él puede llegar al corazón de las personas a fin de que ellas sepan que lo que compartimos es la verdad restaurada, que Dios todavía llama a personas acá en la tierra, y que Dios nos ama y nos ha dado una manera en que podemos regresar a Su presencia. Sé que al vivir de acuerdo con los mandamientos, tendremos paz y felicidad y que podremos regresar y vivir con nuestro Padre Celestial de nuevo. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
los quiero!!!


Élder Tenney


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