That moment when you start speaking Kweyol to a person and it turns out he is colombian and not haitian…

HOla hola hola!!! OR Holá como dicen los Chilenos!!
Wow, sounds like you guys have been running around doing so many things in order to get this fundraiser ready!! It sure sounds like the Lord has blessed you guys a lot as you have done all of the preparation! I hope and pray that all goes well!
Well, like the title says, we have been focusing on working with all of the haitians here in our sector! They are all such nice and good people and are soooo receptivos!!!! So yeah, the other day my comp and i walked into a pieza and we saw a, yeah ill say it is spanish, un negrito (esa palabra no es mala en español) and my comp started speaking kweyol to him (or haitian) because we thought he was haitian. Well, he gave us a weird look and says “please speak spanish” . turns out he was un caleño!!! jajaja and my comp and i laughd super hard afterwards because that happens a lot to us…. but oh well, its super funny!
Well, this week i finished studying the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. I love the invitacion tht Moroni gives us in the lst chapter of the Book of Mormon. He invites us to perfect ourselves in Christ, that is the purpose of the Atonement. We, with our own power, cannot do that, but with the Atonement of Christ and with the ordenanzas of the Gospel we can! Christ suffered so that we could become like Him. Why do we need to be like Him? Well, He was the only person who lived a life that allowed Him to be saved. If we want to be saved, we must live like Him.
Sé, con todo mi corazón, que necesitamos ser como Cristo. Es la única manera en que podemos regresar a la presencia de nuestro Padre Celestial y estar cómodos en Su presencia. Sé que al vivir el Evangelio de Jesucristo y al esforzarnos por cambiar y utilizar la expiación, podemos llegar a ser más como Él. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Mwen coné que Jezikri viv’a e que li bay nu Sali-la. Mwen vlé palé avek tout pou que yo recivwa Sali-la! En nom di Jezikri, amen! 

(a little haitian for you!)
los quiero!!
And yes, our investigador got baptized this past week! It was super awesome! He was sooo axcited and happy ti get baptized! The Bishop and the ward are also super happy because he was the first haitian baptism. The whole ward, including the missionaries, has hatian fever! So there has been lots of work with the haitians!


Élder Tenney


I ran out of titles 6 months ago…

Como están????? Wow, siento que estuvo aqui ayer! Eso no es bueno…..
Well, sounds like the good ol Utah vacation is coming to and end! I hope that means that emails come that dont tell me about all of the super cool stuff you are doing. NAh, dont worry, being a missionary es muhco mejor! When is the big biking event going to take place? Ive heard tons about it, but i have never see a date…..

Well, to start things off, yes, the family that we were working with got baptized!!!! This poor family, those who have served missiones have seen that there is always TONS of opposition befor baptisms. There was a problem with one font, so we changed the baptism to another building. We got there and the water was FREEZING COLD!!!! and its WINTER time here…. but they were super happy and they got baptized! Ill send some fotos if there is a port (ill probablyu send a SIM card with tons of fotos soon!) But this family is sooo awesome! So now we are going to start working with the other 2 members of the family that havent gotten baptized yet! 
Also, another HUGE miracle is our good friend W (we will call him w for now. So w is from Haiti. He came here to find work and help his family. The haitians that come here are really poor and usually dont speak lots of spanish. BUT, W is incredible. He has more faith that i do. We pass by and teach him in this NAtive Language (its valled Kewyole, e wi, mwen pale piti piti. Mwen sav ki Jezikri viv epi se zami-nou!) and he just listens to us and accepts everything we teach. He had a problem because he wasnt going to be able to come to Church this week because of his job (if he doesnt go, they cut like 60 US dollars from his sueldo) and he was like “no, i want to get baptized the 23rd, so ill miss work and go to church!” so yeah, he is super awesome!!!!
Well, quisiera compartir algo super genial que yo he aprendido esta semana! Mientras he estado estudiando las escrituras y cómo conservar el cambio de nuestros corazones, me he fijado de que cada profeta o ángel que ha corregido la conducta de una personas siempre dice la palabra “recordar.” Recordar a Cristo, los que el Señor ha hecho por sus padres, etc. Y desùés, en las oraciones de la Santa Cena, la primera oración contiene 3 cosas que debemos hacer: Tomar sobre nosotros el Nombre de Cristo, guardar Sus Mandamientos, y REcordarle. En la segunda Oracion, solamente la palabra recordar aparece. Sé que al recordar al Señor y al recordar lo que Él ha hecho por nosotros, seremos más rectos y nuestra fe aumentará. Comparto esto en el nombre de Jesucristo, amen!
los quiero!
Élder Tenney

Best Ward Activity Ever!!!

Hey guys? Hows Utah? Hows the boat? How any holes are there in the tube now? 
Im glad to hear that all is progressing well! It seems like there is lots to do with Marks project, but i will keep praying so that everything goes smoothly!
So yeah, i want to start this letter out by talking about the coolest ward activity ever!!! So in this ward, it is 50% peruano, 5% colombiano, 5% venezolano, 14% chileno, and 1% gringo (the missionaries) jajaja. So we had an activity where the different countries brought the typical foods and everyone went around eating them. First off, it was a missionaries dream!!! Free food!!! Nothing is better than that!!! But it was super fun to try tons of new foods!! There was a cake from Uruguay that had tuna fish in it. There was a juice from Haiti made from potatoes, carrots, bannanas, and milk that was INCREDIBLE!!! And then the peruanos brought all kinds of super delicious food!!! (i dont like sea food, but man o man do i love a good spicy ceviche!) The best part of the ativity is that lots of investigadores came and lots of nonmembers came! So all in all it was a huge success!
Other than that, the work is the same! We have 3 baptisms this saturday, such a huge blessing from the Lord!!! And we have a few other investigadores that are progressing real well! We will try and put baptismal dates with them ASAP!
One thing i want to testify about is the power of the Atonement to change us. I love the stories of Saul, Enos, and Alma hijo, all three of them felt the cleansing power of the Atonement in their lives and then used it to change and become some of the most known profets in the scriptures. I know that we too can apply the atonement to our lives so that we can change and become pure, just like our Heavenly Father is pure.
Testifico de que la expiación del Salvador nos cambia a fin de que seamos como Él. No hay ningún desafío que no podamos superar. Como dicen las escritures, “todo lo puedo en Cristo que me fortalece.” Sé que Jesucristo sufrió por nosotros para que la salvación pusiese llegar a nosotros. Sé que al ejercer la fe, la expiación nos cambiará para que seamos puros de corazón, tal como Él es puro. Dejo esto testimonio con humildad, en el nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!

Élder Tenney

That moment when you are humming Christmas carrols in July…

Que pasa familia???? Como le ha bailado??? Espero que todo les haya bailado bien!!! Todo está bien acá en Chile!! Estamos pasando frío no más!!!
Well, like the title says, (and i dont know if ive mentioned it before), i just casually find myself wanting to sing Christmas songs becuase im used to singing them when its cold….. and then i realize that we are in July…… yeah, funny things that happen on the other side of the world! jajaja
Well, all is super well here! We have had a good time just working hard and trying to baptize everyone! Speaking of baptisms, we have three for next weekend!!! Woo hoo!!!! Its a father and two of his sons and they are SOOOOOO awesome!!! Jajaja ther were going to be baptized this weekend, but a family member is having an operation so we ran the date to the 16th!!! Something super cool that he told is: So we were in a lesson teaching them and he told us that he was walking in the street and someone from another religion offered him something and he said “no thanks, im mormon!!!!” and my comp and i were sooo stoked when he said that!!!! Jajaja like, talk about a convert!!!! So yeah, this family rules! 
We also are food from Haiti this week!!! There is a member that lives with here sister and her husband (they arent members) and we passed by to teach them and they gave us soup!!! It was super good! It tasted like tortilla soup, which absolutely ruled!!! So yeah, the haitians are good cooks! He is also a super good investigador. He told us that he doesnt believe in lots of churches because he believes that if someone has a church, that person should be calle of God, so we taught him the restauracion and he liked it a lot!! So yeah, we are seeing lots of miracles!
Well, one thing that i have been studing that is super important is getting rid of the natural man and having a change of heart. Ive learned that to become comfortable in Gods presence, we need to be more like Him, which means getting rid of the natural man and becoming a saint through the Atonement of Christ (Mosiah 3:19). Then in Alma 5, he talks about how hearts change (through faith and the spirit, and the faith we show by our desire to change) and how we can always maintain this change of heart. Elder Renlund gave a talk about this (Im pretty sure it was him, the talk is called “preserving the change of heart” or something like that)
Pero, les testifico de que necesitamos ser más como nuestro Salvador Jesucristo. Si no somos como Él, no querremos estar en Su presencia. Sé que por medio de la expiación de Cristo, podemos cambiar y llegar a ser más como Él. Testifico de esto en el sagrado nombre de Jesucristo, amén!
Les quiero!!!!

Élder Tenney